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Group Park 3


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4 minutes ago, ziscor said:

since the save file will get exported with external objects, does the game not throw expansion objects into the mix?

Nope, only custom scenery will be exported with a saved game. For expansion content you'll need to have the expansion packs installed.

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I see, lol. You guys probably didn't need any because... SKILL :P 

Oh, and is Group Park 2 getting abandoned now? I thought there was still a lot of work left in it (?). Will you guys claim it from time to time to polish it up more or is it done?

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GP2 will need polishing and we will do that from time to time, it just takes some time. We decided to not use custom scenery in GP2 as the export objects functionality was malfunctioning quite often (edit: even just one piece of UCES scenery failed). We can try to use it, but if someone can't open the park anymore, the custom scenery objects have to be removed and disabled.

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Yeah, I posted it, then actually began counting, realising that I am using like 34x22 (748)  tiles now, so I deleted it as it wasn't needed.

I'm not that far yet, so I might not even be able to finish this this turn but I am not sure about pretty much anything. I usually don't use the clearance checks that much, but it's now used all over. Also the dike-like (hehe) thing, was supposed to be something for the monorail ( As after already including a train and tram, the monorail would be next)but I quickly realised that atleast 1 big path was required to go straight onto the middle of the park, so I'll need to think about it.

Take a peek:

SCR78.pngWuis constructions co.

Be sure to leave your opinion, even if it is that you want me to change the color of the wire texture from green to red/orange/purple or even another texture. This is not a personal spot of a group park, this has to be liked by the whole group. Would you rather tweak the entrance area by yourself? Hit me up, so we can arrange something.

~Things I'd especially like to know~

-Which monorail? (The jet-like, the cute-like, the other-like or the hanging monorail) [sorry for the tracked ride :S ]

-How's the dike-like thing looking?

-How are the buildings looking?

-How's the square looking?

Pretty much asked everything... x)

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That corner building looks really good. Pirate theme! :D The square and the fountains look good, it definitely fits an entrance, and I like how you placed the entrances too!

I'd say the cute-like monorails, but we can change that at any time anyway.

The dike-like thing looks a little bit odd to me, not rally entrance friendly. Maybe keep the outer two paths as they are, and make the middle one flat.

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I love the fact that this park is almost at year 4 already. xD

Personally I'm not much of a fan of the combination of the red path and the crazy pavement, but that's just what I feel. We could really use some path variety for this park. The buildings look great. About the dike-like thing: I think if the ground for the path from the middle was flat, and the passage had wooden sides, it would look nice.

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Guess I'll flood the square and poke a hole in that dike! I'll look into the paths, it indeed looks a bit too much, but I also feel the square still seems empty and I want to change that.

That's why I wanted a dike to be build, a giant building would else be required to get it in a station above the ground and I am not good at those. Besides it would really be out of scale towards the other buildings in the main street/square. But it might still be an option though.

Also thanks for the Arrrpreciation of the corner building, Broxzier and ziscor.

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Adding water would rather be a thing to keep in mind for people who are taking the upcoming turns, than me actually working at it, I think. Else the whole idea of an empty map would be ruined. But good thing you noticed, as I actually am so stupid that I did not relate a dike with water. Howerever we might want to make this a winter dike rather than a summer dike, due to paths leading there, that would be going under water elsewise. x)

The monorail station might indeed better be placed in the empty spot left when entering the park, though I have a pretty much finished park in the build log, but guess what? No station. Thus I don't want to show a single bit of it, with that being pretty much the entrance. I find it pretty harsh to build stations, they're too big and feel like big empty walls too soon or look completely ridiculous because you decided that pink fences was the decoration to go with. I think if people want that, I'll just build a caroussel or a ferris wheel, that'll do me and I'd call it a day. Leaving that empty spot open to whoever wants to build that or something else.

Wow.. I have quite an health issue, that being me not writing short and simple sentences. :^)

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Guys, I said i was in a little while ago, don't know why people don't think I have the expansion packs. :/


Edit: Alright, here's the story for people who are confused. I originally didn't have them, but have since gotten them, so I have them and i'm in. Hope this helps.

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1 hour ago, ziscor said:

@jensj12 I detect sarcasm...

Take a look at the 5D experience in Walibi Holland, what Wuis made is almost a perfect recreation (though a slightly different theme was used). (google maps is too foggy there and google streetview is still from the time RCT2 was made)

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