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Group Park 3


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As the previous group park is very close to being finished, and the project is slowly dying, we can start the next group park already.

How does this work?

Multiple players extend and improve a park by taking turns. We start out with an empty map where all land is owned. A queue of players is kept up to date. Once a person reaches the front of the queue, they have 24 hours to claim the park. Once claimed they have 48 hours to work on it. They can then works on the park, and when finished they will post the new saved game with a short update log, and optionally add themselves to the end of the queue. When someone does not claim their turn in time, or went over the 48-hour limit after claiming it, they will be moved to a missed turn list. Anyone from this list is allowed to claim the park when it's not claimed already, and can add themselves in the front of the current queue. This missed turn list is not a queue, which means that everyone in there has the same priority. First come first serve.

To join, simply leave a comment saying you want to join and wait for someone to add you to the end of the queue, or add yourself to the queue.

Rules / Guidelines:

  1. Cover a maximum area of 30x30 land tiles in one turn. You are allowed to shape this to your likes. An area of 15x60 for example is perfectly fine.
  2. Change the land texture of the tiles you are building on from wireframe to something else.
  3. Anyone is allowed to make minor changes to other people's content, while keeping the overall theme the same. This include, but are not limited to:
    1. Changing the height of the ground
    2. Improve scenery and footpaths
    3. Placing footpath additions
    4. Solving issues where guests get stuck
    5. Moving rides
    6. Moving or placing new shops and stalls
  4. Do not make major changes to other people's content without their approval. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Removing or replacing rides
    2. Removing or replacing detailed scenery (anything that has more than just empty walls and roofs)
    3. Changing the height of the land drastically
  5. Keep an eye on the news - solve any problems to keep the park rating high.
  6. Post at least one screenshot, the new saved game with increased version number, and the updated queue. Tag the next person in line.
  7. Do not block any main paths directly, there should be an easy way to continue building a path for the people after you. Ideally continue any paths in the area so that people can easily extend it.
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For this park I suggest we use a smaller map, as 256x256 was, in my opinion, too large. I suggest we go for near the 200x200, maybe even smaller.
I also think it would be better to start off with ground at base height (+7) instead of completely to the ground, as not everyone was strictly raising the land their turn.

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I'm in!

I'd say even less than 200x200, something like 180x180, just walking for a long time makes guests already feel lost.

About the base land height, if we start at +7 I think we will get a mostly flat map, but it's worth a try and I'll keep an eye on it. Change the rules to 'change' the land instead of 'raise' the land. Or add another marker for unused land, like a rarely used terrain texture. That marker must be removed from the land the player uses.

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I'm in for sure!

And I will try to build more flat rides even though there aren't too many, especially with no expansion packs the choice stays really limited. But I was guilty of building coasters rather than flat rides. Maybe you'll see more Giraffes coming your way. :P

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So, are we going with or without expansions? As Phil said he will get them as soon as possible. they're not great, but some of the stalls(medieval stalls *_* ) etc. are really nice to have.

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After some more thinking, testweek at school should get priority. Will try to claim it on friday.

Claimed:  -
Line:  @Wuis, Philmon11, CoasterMaster, Broxzier, CAVIAR, Dan, ziscor
Missed:  jensj12

Start without then, we'll continue with them once Phil has the expansions.

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Claimed:  Wuis
Line:  Philmon11, CoasterMaster, Broxzier, CAVIAR, Dan, ziscor
Missed:  jensj12

I might have the park file done ( well, I downloaded 0.0.4 and now it's gone, but atleast you can say if it is correct)

(The giant screenshot failed to upload, but it's a 176x176 map and that purple wire texture that is bad for your eyes)


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Btw, since the save file will get exported with external objects, does the game not throw expansion objects into the mix? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.

@Wuis totally unrelated, but you might wanna use F.lux to ease eye strain :).

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