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  1. Where do I find the map?
  2. Thanks, last question I swear, how do I access the map?
  3. Here are my top suggestion for some cheats in OpenRCT2. Remove Guest that... Have the thought {"I want to go home."} -- more thoughts than that. Happiness Less Than [ ] Less Money Than [] Set Time... Set Year To Set Month To Money Set Park Value Set Company Value Ride Value Set Ride Excitement Set Ride Intensity Set Ride Nausea What do you want to be added?
  4. Hello! Do you want to show off your park but it is not as good as you want it to be? Let me Fix the park! I love taking parks and turning them into gems, so now I want to help you. No need to give credit, show it off to youtube, twitch, or whatever platform you want! All that matters is that I get to rebuild parks and make them look amazing. Please note I am not looking to completing Scenarios What do you mean by "Fix" them? I would Increase park rating, the number of guest in the park, park design, and over all quality. Can I send you any of my parks? Sure,
  5. Hello, I have played roller coaster tycoon for most of my life, It's what started my PC gaming. Even though I can not write C code, I do hope to be a help in the forums and make openRCT a great forum to be a part of. Thanks for OpenRCT2 and reinventing the game!
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