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  1. Match 1 is up. "Tahendo Zoo," a gorgeous creation with almost no actual rides, is up against "All Coasters Go to Heaven," a coaster-filled map with a really cool basis. Check it out! https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35729/h2h8-round-1-match-1-the-replacements-vs-strangelove/
  2. saxman1089

    Group Park 8

    I'm a bit too busy with other stuff at the moment (with both RCT and real life), so I'll be watching this one from the sidelines. Maybe I'll tag in at the end if things slow down!
  3. We have no idea why the site isn't loading on your end, and you're not giving enough information to let us help you. What type of computer are you on, what browser are you using, etc.
  4. If I understand the frame buffer thing, it should look like those cheesy color effects they used in 60s and 70s that trailed behind people when they walked or something. I thought it was cool. The whole park is basically supposed to be a drug trip. I'd be curious to get your thoughts on Match 2!
  5. That was supposed to be a particular effect, using the current bugginess of the OpenGL rendering. If you turn it on with that park, it's supposed to look very psychedelic. It did work for me, but not for others. The park could've used a readme, would've made it easier to understand what the builders were going for. On another note, Match 2 is up! https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35724/h2h8-round-1-match-2-team-spacecrab-vs-the-icons/
  6. For those of you who are not aware, Head-to-Head 8 (H2H8) is currently going on over at www.nedesigns.com. This competition pits 6 teams of 11 RCT players against each other, with small parks going head to head every few weeks. This is the first iteration of the competition since OpenRCT2 was created, and the game is already changing the competition. Check out all the action here: https://www.nedesigns.com/forum/238/head-2-head-8/ For the first match of the first round, check out this link: https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35713/h2h8-round-1-match-3-ultrarealists-vs-heavens-gallery/
  7. Now that H2H is underway over at NE, been working on this less. However, here's a screen from the last area I was working on.
  8. You may be waiting a while for that file format.
  9. When they say "covered" I believe they mean underground. The wiki page says scenery counts, but I'm not sure that's correct.
  10. You should, since you're familiar with the problem and can provide screenshots to show the problem. =)
  11. I was having similar synchronization issues with dueling woodies I was working on the other day. It took lots of tinkering with the dispatch times to get them to actually sync up, but this sounds different.
  12. Something like this should be reported to Github anyway. It might not be fixed anytime soon, but it gives someone something to do when they get back to fixing/upgrading the peep AI.
  13. saxman1089

    Group Park 7

    Oh the poor group park....
  14. I've never had any luck with getting it to work consistently either. We need that OpenGL lighting branch to be finished!
  15. Your guides are always appreciated, door handle!
  16. Not sure what jensj12 said, but you don't even need to merge vertical drop and twister coaster, just change the ride type as necessary when building. So, when building steep lift hills and the drop brake, use vertical drop ride type, then switch to twister for the rest. Very easy to do, block sections work, etc.
  17. How terrible would it be to implement? This would be very useful for shoestringers everywhere.
  18. Is there a way to add the other type that affects all subsequent tile elements in OpenRCT2?
  19. I think Broxzier nailed it, just clear out that folder periodically and you should be good to go.
  20. This would be a cool feature to implement for scenario players, and would add lots of depth to the game. Glad its being implemented.
  21. saxman1089

    Brent Sigma

    Hope this gets at least bronze!
  22. What a waste of time this thread was for me to read.....
  23. Dude, every time you post something you jut get better and better. This is effing amazing.
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