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  1. Hi, I need an older version of my current game because of an mistake. I wanted to load an autosave file but I cannot locate any one. Please can you tell me where they are stored? Greets, Mark
  2. Hi, i built a new Wooden RollerCoaster but it gets no excitement ratings. This makes the peeps do not enter the attraction. Is there anything I should check? Greets S-Man
  3. S-Man42

    Group Park 8

    Wow, can you show me the Dinosaur Robot?
  4. Hi, the nice guys here helped me with that
  5. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    Yes it is because the small scenery problem. I have no problem with the ride objects Btw. is there a tutorial on how to create own objects? Your idea with one large object sounds interesting. Like a use case for learing how to do it
  6. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    I am sure about it But nevertheless I am having only 256 possible small scenery objects. And I do not know which of them I can remove for a car object...
  7. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    Ok, thx. No I don't want to add some scenery. I am waiting for the cool new file format which allows more scenery objects
  8. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    No tram anymore (updated video). The more I looked at it the more I felt like you But the shark stays Edit: Maybe I can ask you a question: I didn't know how to put all these vehicles to the cinema. My way seems to be very strange but I don't know any better: For every static vehicle I build a short track (station, two turns, one straight, two turns), set entrance and exit, made them invisible, set to crooked house, opened the track (out the vehicle) and closed it. And this for every single car. I am sure there is a much better way
  9. Updated the YouTube video. Did some small enhancements (a brake). But didn't change the water fall. So the track is really hard for adding more brakes or boosters. Next time
  10. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    Done. Just had no time for converting yesterday
  11. S-Man42

    Drive-In Cinema

    Have fun - I had it
  12. Yeah, cool. Could you do this please or should I do it?
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