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  1. Thanks Broxzier, This means I'll be able to put files I want to keep in a separate desktop folder so I can put them back into the game after cleaning out the clutter (:
  2. Well this is embarrassing! I thought I had checked all the correct filters but forgot that a lot of objects were part of the Wacky Worlds, Time Twister, etc. expansions... For some reason those were automatically unticked and after ticking them again I was able to find those "missing" objects. Sorry for that! I should have been more thorough. If anyone does know how I can disable content downloading from other parks that I visit though, that would still be appreciated. I'd like to clean out a lot of the clutter.
  3. Deurklink, Yes. I had tried playing with the filters, and even when I had it set to show only the default scenery, it did not show all of it.
  4. This is a bit of a double issue... I downloaded "0.1.3 build 61ddbd9" and headed over to the scenario editor, where I noticed that some of the default objects from the game were missing, such as the Washington Statue, Zebra, Lion, and numerous others. Is this because I had too much custom content from visiting other people's parks? If so, is there a way to disable the automatic downloading of content from other people's parks. As nice as some of the new assets I acquire are, I find a lot of them are redundant. Now usually when I encounter issues like this, I check the latest builds in the
  5. It probably would be, yes. I had chosen the Corkscrew without putting much thought into it, and then it just became habit and because it meant I could have all my designs in the same place. I'll probably use the car ride in the future though (most likely when I know I'll be able to save large amounts of scenery as I have been able to in the past)
  6. OH! Just realized I had taken it out. Some additional information I figure I might add, I have been using the Corkscrew roller coaster and building a simple circular track design and saving the design with scenery as a way to quickly "copy and paste" or clone structures I had made, especially if they took a lot of work and I needed to relocate it or wanted to incorporate it into a different scenario. Let me know if there is anything else useful I should add. Here is the updated save file, which includes the aforementioned Corkscrew coaster, "exhibit 2" which shows none of the scenery
  7. I was using build ebf479d Here is the save file: ye.sv6
  8. First time poster! I looked through this part of the forums and also the issue tracker to make sure this issue hasn't already been brought up or already resolved, and I can't seem to find anything that exactly matches my problem. 1) I have a lot of missing scenery. For example, in the Scenario Editor, I selected some log cabin wall pieces, but they won't show up when I go to place some. I've checked every tab, I can't find them. Is it possible that, despite not having the maximum number of any particular type of scenery selected, I still have "too many" selected and it won't show so
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