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  1. You need to enable the same cheats when placing the ride as you had enabled when building it originally, then you can place it.
  2. Make sure you have the proper filters selected in the menu that allows you to choose which games you want to choose scenery from. The devs have played around with these filters quite a bit in the last few months, sometimes things don't show up when you need them to.
  3. The screen you've posted is from an experimental branch of the game that has not yet been incorporated into the main fork yet, so no, the in-game lighting effects do not look like that yet.
  4. saxman1089

    Group Park 8

    Eh, it's for fun, I say just keep it. These parks aren't meant to be perfect, are they? Not that I have any skin in the game here, just as an outside observer.
  5. There is not another way to do it. The workaround has already been mentioned for copy/paste, you'll just have to do it in pieces rather than all at once. Some pictures of your park would also help us to understand and determine if there is another way.
  6. saxman1089

    Catwalks !

    I like this idea, not sure it would be achievable in the current file structure though. I'm almost positive that the catwalks are a portion of the lift-hill sprite for the multi-D coaster, and that they're not something additional that could be implemented on other tracks, but I could be wrong. You can use custom scenery catwalk pieces to get the same look if you desire.
  7. Be patient, it will come eventually. For now, you can use a ride with saved scenery to copy/paste.
  8. In other words, use as many as you can to tick off Deurklink (he hates those things!).
  9. Interesting idea for sure, would be nice to implement directly into the ride window in OpenRCT2. I believe it's possible to do this already however, by using the tile inspector to copy and paste the first tile of each station next to the other station, and then using the normal synchronize option. You can then hide the copied tiles using a corrupt element.
  10. All the custom scenery I use has been downloaded from www.nedesigns.com. Head over there, download some parks, and the objects will be added to your object folder automatically. You can also download some workbenches there, which have a decent selection of custom objects and a blank map for you to start with. You can then use the object selection tool in OpenRCT2 to add and subtract objects as desired. And thanks for the compliments!
  11. You should check all the paths in the area where you're having the problem. Make sure everything is connected properly. I've been building parks with really complicated path layouts for about a year now, and whenever I have a problem it has to do with connectivity of paths. Also, use the guest functions and try to determine where the peeps are heading. It's always helpful to do this, as it might lead to solving the issue. I don't think it purely has to do with them being able to walk 360 deg around the loop. While that might contribute, I think it's more the position of the loop within th
  12. I used to have this happen to me all the time, but I'm not sure what I did, if anything, to fix it. Sounds like a graphical bug that you should report to github.
  13. I've never heard of this, but I rarely play with the in-game sound on. Sounds like a bug. Have you filed an issue on Github?
  14. Just click play, it should still let you play with the last version of the game you downloaded. The warning message just means that you can't connect to the OpenRCT2 host to check and see if there's a newer version.
  15. saxman1089

    Group Park 8

    Agreed! I think the entrance/exit would be the best choice. I've noticed the same, and honestly putting the station the guests use on the same level as path can be a pain, since your setup track goes through path and makes it impossible to build. I've run into this on a few H2H parks I've built on so far (Ghibli notably, since I did like 4 shoestrings in that park). Have you filed a Github issue? Would also be useful for standard flat rides too. I've sunken them by a half a unit before to hide the in-game base, and the peeps walk through whatever scenery I've put there.
  16. saxman1089

    Group Park 8

    Do I see a shoestringed custom flat, @Broxzier? Cool!
  17. I really don't see what you're clearing up with that post. There are .dat files, what we have now, and .jsons, what the OpenRCT team has come up with. If you're suggesting this is how the team does it, fine. But your use of "holds", "details", and "will be featured" sounds like this is something that has already been decided and implemented. Are you on the dev team?
  18. I made a version of this coaster a few weeks back. I'll have to post it when I get home.
  19. I can't speak for other teams, but Dig Site 4, Studio Ghibli, and Mount Haystack were all built making extensive use of multiplayer. Winkelheim used it much less so, since it was almost a solo park. The last few days of building on Haystack were super fun, with Camcorder, Coupon, and myself all building at once. And yeah, what a match so far. That match has big implications too, according to my math, in that whichever team can get to 3 wins first is guaranteed a playoff spot.
  20. How do you guys think that OpenRCT2 has changed this competition? Do you think the consistent high quality of all the parks is due to the ease of building and hacking in Open compared to using vanilla RCT2 and trainers? Also interesting that we've not seen any LL yet....
  21. Thanks for picking up my slack Ling! If you ever wanted to build a ski resort in RCT, be sure to check out Team Spacecrab's park! I know...I'm a little biased... We've also got on the menu: a candy disaster at Billy Wonka's factory, a train extravaganza from Grand Central, and a park heavily inspired by Efteling! The final matchup of the round should be released today or tomorrow!
  22. Welcome to the OpenRCT2 forums!
  23. Welcome to the world of OpenRCT2! Looking forward to seeing what you build!
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