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  1. im using Google Chrome on an x64 machine, it is connecting but i have no idea why it is connecting. like i said, it’d probably be better if an admin contacted me via discord if anything. i have done 3 cache cleans, with cookies and enabled a few settings. did a /flushdns command in command prompt, stil nothing
  2. like i said, my discord info is in the first post of this topic so anyone can contact me.
  3. is anyone else having trouble accessing the main openrct2 page? i seem to have this problem on my PC where it takes too long to respond to the site. talk to me: Roy Thunderpaw#7451 (Discord)
  4. Not really, it's being dropped when the cheat is already on, and regardless of how that stands, it usually doesn't do that.
  5. Someone on the server i'm on is noticing a strange bug when it comes to using the disable littering and vandalism cheats in the guest cheat menu. - Litter is being dropped even though the cheat is on, the same goes with vandalism. I'm not actually sure what's happening. but if it can be added to the list, thank y'all.
  6. In my opinion, the hardest coasters for me to build are, in no particular order. Wooden, 4D, Wild Mouse, Wooden Rodent/Mine train, LIM Launch and Corkscrew coasters.
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