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  1. So I deleted and completely rebuilt the red giga which got rid of the third station (I think), however now when I try to test the two coasters when they are synchronized they won't leave the station. They work fine whenever I deselect the synchronization. Again any help would be appreciated. Lunaland 2.sv6
  2. Hello all, been stalking the forums for a while and just ran into a bug (I think). I'm trying to build a dueling giga coaster and all was going well until I tried to test them. The red giga told me it had no entrance/exit. I had 2 stations for each coaster, one with entrance and one with exit. After deleting all the stations (or so I thought) I noticed that in the drop down menu in the red giga's view port there was still a station. I centered the view on it and it's somewhere around the 4 rock tiles. I was unable to place any entrance or exits on the phantom station. I also used the tile insp
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