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    Group Park 8

    Can someone post an overview of the whole park? Haven't had time to check it out in-game (and probably won't for a while).
  2. Hi Jake, welcome to the world of OpenRCT2! What have you been building since you discovered it?
  3. Are you using the launcher? It automatically downloads the most recent version of the game every time you play. https://openrct2.org/downloads It's below all the versions on that page.
  4. Oh cool, I didn't know that. I thought it was very confusing too. Glad it's been changed.
  5. Are you checking the boxes for RCT1, LL, WW, and RCT2? The developers made a decision a while back to only include the objects introduced in each game within those groups, rather than including all objects actually in each game. In other words, any objects that are in RCT2 but were introduced in a previous game won't appear when you have only RCT2 selected. I disagreed with this decision and made it known, but they didn't want to change it back. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7140 If this isn't the issue, then I'm not sure what it is.
  6. And Round 3 begins! Also, check out the Round 2 matches if you haven't! https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35802/h2h8-round-3-match-3-the-replacements-vs-ultrarealists/
  7. Crumple up a piece of paper, and then drop it along with a bowling ball from the same height. They both hit the ground at the same time, don't they? Gravity is a uniform acceleration regardless of the mass of an object.
  8. No worries, these threads aren't silly. I too found out the hard way that peeps change the physics considerably, only with a bobsled coaster. And there you can't just make it enclosed.
  9. For checking port connectivity, try this site. Make sure whoever will be hosting is actually running the server at the time, or I think it will show as an error. If you're hosting and this shows an error, it means that the port isn't opened. http://canyouseeme.org/
  10. In addition to Deurklink's link, try these: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Multiplayer
  11. I'd just suggest you restart the launcher and let it re-download the game, then try again.
  12. You can do this within the current framework of the game by using a shoestring. I just saw it done in this park: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/4090/h2h8-r2-feira-do-flamengo/
  13. Try looking here: users/<username>/library/applicationsupport/OpenRCT2/object, where <username> is whatever your Mac user name is.
  14. If you installed the game, you certainly have the folder somewhere. Search for it using your computer's search function. I'm not sure where it installs on Mac, as I'm a Windows user.
  15. Are you looking in the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 folder, or the OpenRCT2 folder? They're different.
  16. Round 2 is underway, with the first two matches posted: The first is a fantastic battle between city parks in different regions. https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35757/h2h8-round-2-match-1-the-icons-vs-heavens-gallery/ The second is a great matchup as well (although I can't really summarize yet because I haven't looked deeply into either park) https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35762/h2h8-round-2-match-2-ultra-realists-vs-strangelove/
  17. Only one of you needs to port forward in order to get multiplayer to work. Is one of you hosting the game and the other trying to connect to it? Check this article out and let us know if you need more help. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Multiplayer
  18. Try putting them in the OpenRCT2 dat folder. I don't recall exactly where it's located, but it's in the OpenRCT2 folder somewhere.
  19. saxman1089

    The Joker!

    He said he used multi-dimension track?
  20. That Drachen Fire rec is fire. So so good. I've tried to make it before and failed at it.
  21. Maybe ask over on Reddit? This is particularly about OpenRCT2, although someone might have what you're looking for here. You just might get a better response on Reddit.
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