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OpenRCT's Group Park


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The stable build of version v0.0.3 just went live, and our park is featured in the title sequence!

Done. (I'm always so quick. :P)I do think that this should be the final time someone builds, because anything else and it would be waaaay too crowded in the park...I built go-karts with a little hill in the middle.Brox, see what you can do. But like I said, if you do do anything I think it should be scenery because like I said... anything else, ride or coaster, and we'll be stuffing the park too much. :Phttps://openrct.net/cc/share/Philmon11/61/OPENRCT2+2015+V21.sv6

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Looking good! nice design and plenty of space for scenery :PPeople seem to get stuck around that new part a lot though, so I'm thinking of making a big underground path going under the lake and to a few places on the map. Also I might make the queue line a bit shorter, halfway they are complaining about the duration already :P

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Gardened the scenery to fit its name :PView imageUnderground paths so people can reach their destinations - people randomly walking seem to get lost, but never more than 25 at a time.View imagehttps://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/62/OPENRCT2+2015+V22.sv6Does everyone agree to start a new one? (This time without a lake to make roadwork easier!)

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There's an option "No entrance" in the colouring tab, it just makes them invisible.
I can't find that option in any park Broxzier...Not in my old parks, and not in new parks that I want to start. Where can I find that option then ?Thnxsss ;)
Are you on the stable or on the development builds? The feature doesn't exist yet in stable builds.
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Guys, I thought making a poll about this map's coasters. Just I want to get some feedback about your thoughts what kind of coasters you like overall. Also I would like to ask every participant, to NOT vote for their OWN rides. Like I built Forlorn Hope, so I won't vote for it. Same for Brox and the Grey battle etc. (You can vote multiple Rides, but please do not vote more ride than 2!!!)http://strawpoll.me/5930515

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How did you know I would vote for my own coaster?! :(
Since everyone worked quite nicely together on the park, you may expect that everyone does the same on the voting. He could also have said vote on all you own coasters plus one or two other coasters, but we go with don't vote your own this time. Makes the results graphs easier to read and doesn't punish for not voting at all.Should we have the OpenRCT group parks as opening sequence, with the new ones being added at the front?
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I think it would be nice and flattering if the devs decided to put the group park's most beautiful parts to the official loading sequence of the game :)Wow, I didn't expect Hilly Reel to have any vote at all. :D It was worth it to make the voting. it's nice to know that people like these kinds of coasters.

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