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Hello fellow RCT lovers!What do you think of building a park together?This idea is for the casual RCT player, everyone is welcome to join in. There's not really a goal, it's more like the "Have fun!" objective. This is how it works in short:- People who want to join in need to post it here. You'll need to add yourself to bottom of the list.(Assume the list consists of these people in order: Simon, John, Pete)- Simon starts an empty scenario with no attractions in it yet- After having build X rides/attractions or used X spaces Simon has reached the allowed limit, and his turn is over- Simon posts a link to the new SV6 on the forums for John to start working on, and possibly posts a screenshot of what he has created.- Simon includes the list of next players in his post, and adds himself to the end of it (John, Pete, Simon)- John comments on the forum to let everyone know he is going to work on it (if he didn't reply within 24 hours he will be skipped and it would be Pete's turn). From the moment John posted on the forums he has 48 hour to work on the park.- Once John reached the limit he'll need to upload it somewhere and post it on the forums.- Pete doesn't reply on the forums within 24 hours, Simon notices so he'll continue working on it instead.I've used this system on a similar forum a few years ago, and it worked really well. The 24 / 48 hour limits weren't reached a single time because it all went quite fast. There were even days where all people in the list were able to work on the park twice because it went that fast.Yes - I have thought about multiplayer, but in my experience it still seems to be too unreliable to be used yet. If you feel like this wouldn't be a problem, please share your thoughts.If there are enough people interested (aiming for at least 3) I'll post some rules and guidelines, which are of course open for discussion if you feel like something should change. Nothing too serious, but just some things like not using cheats to kill the fun for others.If anyone knows a better way of sharing the SV6 file, please let us know!I hope you guys want to join in! :)(Best captcha ever! Just ticking "I am no robot")

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Guidelines- Do not break down stuff others have placed without their permission- Making small changes to other rides is allowed (to make space for example), just make sure to test it!- Cheats o Not allowed: > Forcing peep stats > Trams of people > Changing the map size o Allowed: > Disabling Clearance, just don’t make anything ridiculously > Adding/removing attractions and rides from the list- Don’t change the water level of the lakeRestrictionsThe total size of the park is 101x101 tiles.- Every turn you might use a maximum of 10% of the total space (That’s around 30x30 tiles)- You might add scenery and shops and small rides to areas that have already been built (also in areas made by others)- Keep things close to each other to give others more space to build. Attractions don’t have to touch each other directly though.- Max 1 big coaster per turn (Giga, wooden, steel)- Max 2 small coasters (minecart, mouse)- Max 2 track rides (cars, lifts, rails)- Max 4 placable attractions (enterprise, observation tower, powered launch freefall)- Max 5 stalls/shopsLet me know if you think something should be changed.
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P.S. how do i share the file?
If you have the saved game file synced with CoasterCloud you can click on it, and then select share. It would probably be nice if we remove the save files when there is a newer version so there won't be as many duplicates on the server. Nobody needs to install anything other than the launcher that you all already have to be able to share files that way.
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Well, one of the easier, more straight forward ways of sharing the file would be through dropbox or onedrive maybe?I mean you could just curate it yourself and get it back and forth from everyone or everyone uploads it individually.Eitherway it does seem like a really good idea.

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List: Broxzier, Imlegos, Derf, SnowMew. ^^As for the scenario, I was thinking of making a very large lake with mountains around it. A bit like leafy lake from RCT1, but bigger and not as deep. Probably around 100x100 or something. I'll use 8cars to own all land and remove the borders before we start.

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Okay, I made the scenario. Let's start!Imlegos may start building!Park infoView imageI decided to pick the most common rides and stalls, and NO coasters or Scenery styles - because there are so many. If you want to add your coaster or theme to it, simply enable debugging options and go here to select the things you need:View imageAlso there will not be money (unless you want to play with money, but I think it'll be in the way too much for this park).The screenshot above was from before I used 8cars - the border is gone and all land is owned, even the tiles near the edges.Download: https://openrct.net/cc/share/19/OpenRCT+2015.SV6GuidelinesI'll write down some guidelines tonight and add them to here and on the first post later. Nothing strict, just some things that prevent ruining things from others. As for how much land you may build, I think everyone knows for themselves when they get too greedy. Maybe it's better if we add a restriction to 3 rides, which will be the same as one big coaster. I'll write down the details since I'm just being vague here, haha.I've added them to the first post.Current listImlegos, Derf, SnowMew, jensj12, Broxzier

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EDIT: It won't let me play the park... why is that...?
Seems to be an error in CloudShare. I've uploaded it to my website so you can download it for now: http://www.broxzier.com/files/ShareX/OpenRCT%202015.sv6@RuneLaenen: At the very bottom of the file it prints this php warning: http://i.imgur.com/h1FGUdp.png
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