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I've made a dueling/racing coaster while UTMAN was watching, and gave me feedback and such. I took a bit more space than the limit this time, though last turn I didn't build much at all (excuses, I know :D). Next time I'll just focus on scenery again. Anyway, here it is:The Grey BattleView imageBy the way Philmon: There were some guests roaming about on the grass, they must have been there for a while because they were quite spread out. Also the queue lines for the rides you made were quite long, people were complaining about waiting for them for ages. Other than these issues the coaster looks nice and the scenery around it was good too! I've only made a few changes there to include benches and stuff like that.Also the green coaster has crashed with people still stuck on it. I've reset the crash status, though this green hanging coaster might need to be tweaked.UTMAN has the save file already, but for the curious: https://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/43/OPENRCT2+V8.sv6We tried this together over the network using Hamachi, but the desyncs are too bad to really work together. While the game is paused it actually works quite good, but as soon as you unpause there will be a desync again.

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Yeah, even over a single switch it's not stable, but it worked quite nice though. Both people just need to have the "build while paused" cheat enabled, and you can build together without desyncs. The only issue is that with certain objects it still triggers one, for example with this specific roof:View imageI've now broken the scenery from Philmon a little by accident, and can't restore it because of this.

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I know about the guest on grass issue, and the reason i built a long que is because i love watching them SUFFER WHILE THEY WAI- er, to fit more people who want to ride the ride... :3Also, the green coaster was crashed before I started building, I noticed that after I shared the link. :P

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Soooooo I also overdid my part too and unfortunately used way more space than I am allowed to. But the coaster is kinda high and a lot of thing can be placed under it. :) But I hope it won't be in the way too much. So my big coaster: Forlorn Hope! An intense ride which has the maximus speed of 119 km/h! Its highest drop rate is 48 meters. Which is quite intense. However it's raitings are:Excitement rating: 8.75 (Very High)Intense Rating: 7.26 (High)Nasuea Rating: 4.04 (medium)I think it's a very nice balance, since I managed keep the bottom 2 as low as possible while the excitement rating is very nice! And there are very few scenery around the ride, so it can be even boosted a little. Well, I hope you all will like it! :)View imagehttps://openrct.net/cc/share/45/OPENRCT2+V9.SV6I am done with my part! Next, please. :)*Current list*: imlegos, benboyrocks, SnowMew, AdamLambert, Philmon11, Broxzier, UTMAN*Missed turn*: Derf, jensj12

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Phil, I was referring at the bottom of the ride which is near to your Wooden Coaster. My ride is kinda far away from the western area, since it's on the mountain. I didn't want to add any scenery there because I already overdid my part so I didn't want to take away space from you guys. :) But I don't feel like that this particular ride goes well with the western theme. Wooden coasters are the one which looks really sweet in a western area, not steels :/

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