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OpenRCT's Group Park


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Imlegos, it's a really damn nice coaster you've made. :) I really like it!Benboyrocks, first of all welcome to the group project. He said that, you can edit the scenery around the coaster, but he asked to stick to the mining theme. For example he doesn't want us to make it...like a snow or ice theme or futuristic scenery or objects there.

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Uninspiringly I added another Mine Theme rollercoaster. It's fairly good but it's a bit distant from all the other creations. It'd make a great foundation for a mine themed area tohugh. Especially with a train showing up near some hopper like things.Just makes it look like a reused area.Anyway here's the file.https://openrct.net/cc/share/SnowMew/35/OPENRCT2+V6.sv6

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Also, can someone please fix how the staff are, i believe only my original staff had patrol areas.Also, there seemed to be a bug with the observation tower's exit not working right, anyone know what was up? the mechanic couldn't enter it, but replacing the path fixed it, or maybe it was a weird patrol glitch, where it tells the mechanic to fix something not quiet in his patrol range, and it bugs it causing him to wonder in one direction even past his patrol zone.

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Would someone mind taking a image of the park after each turn, also, i think this park could work for a custom title screen at some point... Someone should get to work on that... and post it here as instructions.
First: I think everyone should do that as soon as they are done with the park.Second: Great idea!The thing with the observation tower had to do with some scenery I misplaced while having clearance checks disabled, someone has fixed it already it seems.
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NVM, I got it and i'm done! :DI'll post the save link in a minute, i forgot to do that before posting this...I built a wooden coaster continuing with the west theme set by the mine train coaster, and a pathway to get to it. I also made the FIRST TRAIN STATION! (Okay, well the second. :P

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