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  1. Another update: I did what ndragortt said and now the bin folder is empty.
  2. Hey all - I tried running OpenRCT2 earlier today and I keep getting the error "OpenRCT Not Found" even though it is installed.
  3. Sorry I missed my turn. I have had a heck of a time with this new computer so I still may be gone for a bit.
  4. This was a short update - as I didn't know what else to add. But, I basically created a new area out of the mine ride. I call it Mine Mountain - but anyone is free to change that. I added two new rides - Dynamite Blast is the small drop tower, and Splashwater Falls is the log flume.View imageAnd here's the file:https://openrct.net/cc/share/benboyrocks/48/OPENRCT2++2015+V11.sv6
  5. I'm here. I'll work on it throughout today :)
  6. I will be working all weekend. Is it okay if I claim the park for Monday? I won't be home to work on it till then.Also, are we allowed to add non-custom scenery objects? For example, the wild west town set?
  7. Hey,I tried launching the game today but I keep getting a "OpenRCT2 not found" error. Even though I already have it.
  8. Okay. I remember seeing it, but what did the mine train creator say about scenery around the ride?
  9. I'd like to join in :) I work on weekends (at an amusement park, lol) so I won't be able to build then. But I will be free weekdays minus Friday. This sounds really fun :)
  10. The same thing happened to me. Wondering what's going on.
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