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  1. Oh, I just assumed the 255 small scenry limit was imposed by RCT2 on it's own.
  2. To add, make sure you haven't placed the piece of scenery in the park when you plan on disabling it. You can only take out scenery which dosen't exist in your park. Granted once Runen hits his own build we should be able to exceed the already existing limits in the game.
  3. I'm personally not a fan of ranking systems based on how many posts a user has made. I feel like you can get the odd person who becomes obsessed with it and will try anything to get the highest no matter what. Is there any possibility for a custom title field for users? I feel those are more interesting since it gives the users themselves the chance to give themselves a title, even if it is silly. Granted this only comes form my experience of the X360A forums which I hated because they gave an award to female members for being female. I'll not dwelve into this since it's offtopic, and there's way too much bad blood with that site.
  4. Yeah, I'm with Gymnasiast with post editing, it's a little inconvinient. Also mousing over and seeing the blue and forum rank colours is a bit of a clash, maybe change the default cover image to be a different colour perhaps? Is it linked to a forum theme colour scheme or is it just a standard placeholder and can be swapped out? Or are neither of these possible and the only fix is to change it yourselves?
  5. Just a quick bump. I haven't had the chance to work on it for a while. Especially since this might just be a beta before I make something epic using a custom scenario. I've been busy with getting back into FF14, very busy weeks and more importantly writers block, or the equivalent to park makers. I like the look of that coaster but my skills with decorating and coaster making aren't exactly the best. It took me a few attempts to even make Hot Wheels and I still have a reversing Police Van coaster to make, totally forgetting that just like side friction coasters, cars can fly off. That said siving it a jolly good go has been the most fun. If anybody's spotted any good CC online which would fit my park feel free to link it, or if you've seen something in my park that's jolly well interesting I'll try and find it for yous.
  6. [Disregard this I can't read.]
  7. SnowMew

    Custom Music ?

    It's probably something that will get easier once Runen can move away form the original code. At the moment my only suggestion is figuring out how to replace the current music. It's not the best but, possible I believe.
  8. Although your problem with that is your park rating goes down really fast. You could just add more guests since you're using cheats anyway.Unless you fancy a go at not using them in the first place that's what advertising is for.
  9. Here's some more screenshots, I would have posted them earlier but I was having trouble with Imgur at the time and, I forgetted:View imageThe other side of the park, with a Go-Kart track and a Gangster Car ride, resembling that of a Hot Wheels track, well, kinda, I don't know.View imageThe station for Wild Taxi Ride, and a little bit of scenery for it.View imageThe full ride with stats. This one's quite nice but, block brakes might be a good addition maybe.
  10. Whoops, messed up the screenshot in the first post, and I can't edit it to take it out. Fair enough but here's the first of many shots.View image
  11. So I've been loading and closing this game for a while, not knowing what to make but, eventually I got an idea. Make a park themed on cars!In the game alone there might only be so many car themed rides but, a little digging through the expansions and I can come up with something fantastic. Here's a screenshot of what I have so far, just some generic rides here and there, along with the London Buses trams and the 1920's Go Karts. I'll probably be adding yet more car rides since there's still so many.If you guys have any suggestions feel free to post them, I don't mind. Maybe some Custom Content I can use to spice things up or, anything I'm missing, or just to say it's horrible and you're working on a better version, I don't mind.Anyway here's a screenshot:View image
  12. I like the idea of micro parks. Kinda interested in holding a fun little competition on it but, I'm not sure how to even structure it.Anyway I'm struggling to think of anything to make but, I don't know give it a few days and I might figure out something.
  13. I like how it's coming along but like I've said, I'm burnt out for ideas. I'm pretty much just observing it from here now.
  14. Microparks look so fun to build. Mostly just that constraint and getting everything in.This looks really good also.
  15. I'd say I'd add more but I've completely ran out of steam. I just don't know what else to put in. The only thing I think needs doing unless someone has is the railway needs finishing.
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