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Derf still has two hours to claim their spot, in case they do not respond in time here's the updated list:SnowMew, Derf, jensj12, Broxzier, UTMAN, imlegos (confirm?)@UTMAN (and the rest): Just my opinion would be to make it grow like real parks by expanding what is there already. What do you guys prefer?

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I am okay with both. I was just thinking, if a inspiration or something hits me out of the blue, and it will make me to feel that like "omg this would look really nice here" then it would nice to be able to build it there. :D So I think a mixed solution would be preferable for me. But, that's just me. So after SnowMew Derf coming again? And if he not responds again then he comes after jensj12? It will make the process kinda slow tbh.

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I'm sorry!! I didn't realize we were starting now and doing it turn-by-turn! I haven't had much time between my studies and work to get on here (let alone play video games!). Maybe this December I'll ask to hop in the line-up, or if it's a dedicated server or something then I'd help out. Sorry to hold you guys up! I feel bad D:EDIT: Did a good deed to repent: https://openrct.net/forum/topic/598

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@UTMAN: Sounds good to me, let's just have full freedom in where to build stuff then. :P Also good point about the delay. What about having a second list of people who missed their turn, and when they respond they will be next in line again? In this case Derf responded again, so he'll be after Snowmew.@Derf: No worries, you can go after Snowmew if you want!

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Ugh, the problem I have with these is everything looks so delecate compared to what I make and it tends to impact what I add. That said I gave it a good college try and added a new rollercoaster, and made the railway go into a tunnel, but not just a two block high tunnel. It also took me 5 attempts to make a good suspended rollercoaster and it's ratings are, okay, better than all Low. If you want to improve it to squeeze out better ratings I don't mind. If you also want to use more of that hill for a coaster again, I don't mind.I also deleted all the 1's off of the existing rides names because that drives me mental. Whatever you'd like them to be named is still up to whoever made them, unless if there isn't anything.Here's a screenshot of the addition.View imageLinks to new save. Comment if they work or don't work please.https://openrct.net/cc/share/SnowMew/31/OpenRCT+2015V1.sv6https://openrct.net/cc/share/31/OpenRCT+2015V1.SV6I also probably have more, time to add stuff but, I don't mind giving that up to give Derf a little more.Current list: Derf, jensj12, Broxzier, UTMAN, imlegos (?)

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@Derf: No worries, you can go after Snowmew if you want!
Sorry, I meant that I don't have time right now to work on it; count me out of the list. I don't want to hold anyone up since I won't really have the time until winter.@SnowMew, those 1's drive me crazy too. It'd be a cool feature for the devs to make it default to no number unless there's already an existing one (I think thats how RCT3 worked?).
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