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Group Park 5


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Group park 5

As the fourth group park is nearing the end, let’s start the fifth!

How does it work?

Multiple players extend and improve on a park by taking turns. It starts off with an empty map where all land is owned. A queue of players is kept up to date. When a player reaches the front of the queue, they have 24 hours to claim the park. Once claimed they have 48 hours to work on the park. Once finished they will post the new saved game with a short update log, a screenshot, and the updated queue, where they may add themselves to the end of again. When someone does not claim their turn in time, or went over the 48-hour limit after claiming it, they will be moved to a missed turn list. Anyone listed in this list is allowed to claim the park when it's not claimed already, or move themselves in the front of the current queue so that they may claim the park when the current player has finished. The missed turn list is not a queue, anyone in there has the same priority. First come first serve.

To join, simply read the rules, and then leave a comment saying you want to join. You may add yourself to the end of the queue, or wait for the players to do so.

Rules / Guidelines

This time it’ll be less strict, since the majority of the players has a feeling of what’s within the limits already. Still, a few rules shall be kept to have a solid base, in case of conflicts.

  1. A maximum of 800 tiles may be covered in one turn (measured in squares, not tile-by-tile).
  2. Limit the number of new attractions:
    1. Max 1 coaster per two turns
    2. Max 1 tracked ride per turn
    3. Max 3 rides in total
      Example: 1 coaster, 1 tracked ride, and 1 flat ride is allowed
      Park-wide transport rides are an exception
    4. No excessive stall placement
  3. Making minor changes to things made by others is allowed.
  4. Making major changes is not, unless given permission.
  5. Always provide a path to the area behind your used area (the map edges being an exception).
  6. Post at least one screenshot, the new saved game, and the updated queue when finished.

Before we begin

Please share your opinion on the following:

  1. Do you want to start off with a map like the previous park? (e.g. start off with an area with some hills)
  2. Shall this park make use of custom content, and expansions?
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Yes im in!

I think we should make some hills etc. Just enough to give a general idea of how the park is looking but not so much that they can't be removed. (If that makes sense).

And im open for custom content and expansions but i don't mind if we go vanilla. :)

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I'm in, I rarely use custom objects though, I can only remember using them in the asian area in Group Park 3 and if you'll look back, you can see it's very limited. Expansions are like a hell for me, most objects just don't look nice, it's like they were made for a different game, though I'd be glad to use some custom stalls and those of the expansion etc.

So I guess I am okay with custom content and expansion. :)

I had 0 problem with building in the hills, I don't really care for terrain tbh. As long I don't have to massively sculpt my terrain on the spot, because I usually don't know what to sculpt it to.

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8 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

20+ years is impossible, since RCT1 was released in 1999. I didn't know either, I thought those had napkins as rubbish.

LOL.. i do stand corrected... I based that number from when my oldest son also started playing RCT...  i thought he was 5, but it must have been closer to 9... my 50 year old memory isn't always on par.

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So far most of us seem to like how we started GP4, but less extreme overall, and nobody minds the use of custom objects (and rides), as long as it's generic. Unless someone doesn't agree with it, I think this is the way we should start. For the map size, I think using the same size again will be good.

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13 hours ago, giraty said:

I'm always interested but never actually joined so....

I think it's better to start with some little landscaping

For the objects maybe only from WW, TT, and UCES, those are the biggest most known expansions


You can turn on saving custom objects with the game file, so you don't have to worry about manually installing them. 

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On 1-2-2017 at 12:16, Broxzier said:

Limit the number of new attractions:

  1. Max 1 coaster per two turns
  2. Max 1 tracked ride per turn
  3. Max 3 rides in total
    Example: 1 big coaster, 1 small coaster, and 1 flat ride is allowed
    Park-wide transport rides are an exception

The example breaks both rule 1 and 2 (2 coasters and 2 tracked rides). I'd vote for keeping the rules as stated and modifying the example.

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