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Maybe before we start on themes, we should choose the scenery we want to allow, what expansions etc. and custom scenery? If it's just the base game we could easily make multiple choice polls for each designed area.

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57 minutes ago, Wuis said:

Maybe before we start on themes, we should choose the scenery we want to allow, what expansions etc. and custom scenery? If it's just the base game we could easily make multiple choice polls for each designed area.


38 minutes ago, imlegos said:

I am 100% ok with trying a NCSO mine train again.

I'm all for dedicating themed areas. I probably would have had a tighter train of thought in Park 5 is it was done that way also. I know I did a lot of wafting as far as deciding which way to design.


@imlegos What is NCSO? some kind of server or something...

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@cascadia you have any thoughts how to shape 4 quadrants? each different? make one a water world? one desert? trees? etc...

I'm thinking not so rugged this time (seems like it did more harm than good in #5 :P ) but more smooth rolling terrain. idk..

I suggest some sketches for the vibe prior to forming :D 

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Just added some paths to link areas

The OpenRCT2 Group Park5.60.sv6

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Missed: jensj12, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD,  Jochem, YoloSweggLord, giraty, Wuis, SpiffyJack, Broxzier, TCE, Cascadia, SpiffyJack


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Well, Emily S. doesn't seem to be quite happy with monsters. Hmmm... how can we invite her on a coaster without her being too short thus flying out? Yeah, ofcourse, we've got Chinese Treehouse on the other side of the park, but before she'll get there she'll probably not find that exciting enough anymore. So various employees were put to work, but that let to a disaster as guests were presented a brand new thrilling coaster:


Apparently they only were said to make a coaster similar to the Spaghetti Monster, and not to build a coaster aimed at the whole family.

So, the CEO of the park sneaked into the park to sabotate the cars which would lead to the coaster not passing the next morning's inspection.

The coaster did not open that morning, nor did it after that. It was broken. Why the coaster was broken was unknown, but it was quickly decided that the coaster had to be broken down. Interesting fact about the destruction of the coaster was that workers were given double the pay if they put in extra shifts and kept their breaks to a minimum.

A new coaster had to be designed and who could do that better than The Penguin they thought, The Penguin was very excited to work on a new project. The board decided to communicate their ideas more to The Penguin so they wouldn't end up with a spaghetti bowl again. Though guests weren't really looking forward to the orderly pattern the coaster would make it's way through, the coaster itself was a artistic masterpiece, but sadly it would only stay as that as nobody wanted to ride it:


After the removal it led to confusion, even after the explanation of the park itself. Some people started to riot at the entrances and said they wanted to get on the coaster but it was never provided with a decent entrance, the park has yet to respond on the criticism.

As the park couldn't get up a family coaster on their own, they advertised for other companies to design one for the park. A agreement was made, the famous restaurant chain "Pancake Pavilion" would have to ability to open a restaurant on park ground but had to build a good family coaster in return which had to open no later than 5 years after the opening of the restaurant, and they surely did.

Because the restaurant chain agreed with the public that the previous coaster shouldn't have been deleted they even added penguins around the track as a reminder. Many people praised the chain for doign so. Due to many people visiting the newly opened restaurant in the years before the opening of the coaster, the coaster had 2 trains with a total of 112 seats on track. Which is also the amount of people who can enter the queue line. Hereby Pancake Pavilion presents to you the coaster Pancake Pavilion:


PS. Sorry for any grammar issues I might have made, I'm running on 2 hours of sleep which isn't great, I already tried looking over the text and I've fixed some, but it's like I don't know how to English anymore.

Missed but pretty much the queue: jensj12, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD,  Jochem, YoloSweggLord, giraty, Broxzier, TCE, Cascadia, Wuis

^Changed that up as the park is kinda finished, there's like 1 big space left, so anyone wanting to work on that, do your thing, but a queue seems a bit excessive at this moment.

The OpenRCT2 Group Park5.61.sv6


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