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  1. I would really like that idea too. You could make rides 3-5 tiles apart so that there is space for the entrance/exit paths. That could definitely give people inspiration.
  2. Thanks for this tutorial! I made a merged track before this but didn't know the purpose for it. Now I know that you just put in a piece that a certain ride doesn't have.
  3. But what if i want the convenience of the launcher?
  4. Ok, so i re-installed the launcher but it still wont update! I am really mad and i want to know how to fix this Anyone who knows how to fix this please help me
  5. it is but it didnt update do i need to re-install the launcher?
  6. Hey I wanted to play but my game wont update to the right version i have the launcher but it didnt update to the latest version (8a9fda6) Please help me
  7. Hey, so i wanted to play but then this happened It says host wasn't found. What do i do now and how do i fix this?
  8. Nevermind, i fixed my solution. I realized that the downloads from the website download page weren't for the launcher. So i went and downloaded the launcher and now im good. Thx to saxman for suggesting that.
  9. Mostly rollercoasters and go kart tracks
  10. I am using the launcher, but it is on build 0.1.3 build fcf507e, not the latest
  11. Hi. This may have already been answered but my network version wont update. As of now my network version is 0.1.3-9 and most of the other servers are on 1.3-11 or 1.3-12. How can i set it to auto update or update the network version? Thanks.
  12. Hi. My name is Jake and i love RCT. One of my favorite games from elementary school. I love the idea of an open-source RCT2, and i think that it will provide much more fun than the original. I know i like it. bye :>
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