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  1. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (and other parks, I'm sure) had a dueling coaster (Twisted Sisters) that dueled, but did not have adjacent stations. They were about 20 feet apart and faced opposite directions. It would be cool to have this feature by having a dropdown where you could select a ride that it could duel with. Anyone explored this possibility?
  2. Just a few ideas I had while I was playing last: 1. It would be cool to have a row tile system when it comes to placing scenery. For example, when building a building, you could select a wall, control how many tiles in a row you want them placed, and then place them all in a single click. Hopefully, that makes sense. 2. Since we can completely manipulate so much in the game, couldn't we have total control over excitement, intensity and nausea ratings? I mean, has anyone ever ridden a simple real life inverted coaster with a nausea level of 9? Or a drop tower coaster that's 170 feet h
  3. I used to do reverse incline on Corkscrew coasters and have the boosters speed up the train after it was at the end of the track. It always gave great High excitement ratings.
  4. A booster was a flat track piece that sped up the train as it went over it. RCT1 had them, so the design is out there somewhere. The launched lift hill is different, as those aren't flat. In RCT1 you were able to place as many in a row as you wanted, so the train could leave the station going slow and then the boosters would increase the speed to go through hills and loops, etc. They really would all a lot of fun to the coasters if they could be done!
  5. In RCT1, there were boosters for Corkscrew and Looping coasters. For some reason, they went away in RCT2. Is it possible to add those to the game, and if so also add them to Twister Coasters? Just a thought!
  6. Hi all, Total code noob here, just love to play the game. Is it possible for when publishing the new version, the comments can be in plain English so that non-programmers can understand what was updated? I understand it may not always directly affect things we can see nor does it need to be extremely detailed, just something like "This helps with XYZ..." or "Added such and such feature." For instance, somewhere along the line, "Plants don't age." was added (which is AWESOME!) but I had no idea because 1) I didn't see the comment if it was actually spelled out or 2) I couldn't have un
  7. Found something! I had 'Select Rides by Track Type' selected (because I wanted to choose other options for rides) and as soon as I unchecked that and clicked Roller Coasters, it worked.
  8. Sorry this took so long... Process: OpenRCT2 [50748] Path: /Applications/OpenRCT2.app/Contents/MacOS/OpenRCT2 Identifier: website.openrct2.OpenRCT2 Version: 1.0 (1) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: OpenRCT2 [50748] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2016-05-31 16:31:02.069 -0500 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.3 (15D21) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: 98E4E119-3848-916B-92EB-12928D255DB9 Sleep/Wake UUID: 9E8A10E2-554C-4605-AA04-FE9AF
  9. The last five versions (and any random ones I try in addition to that) crashes when I click on roller coasters when wanting to build a new attraction. It doesn't crash for anything else, just roller coasters. And I tried in different scenarios/parks, happens every single time. Anyone else? develop build 2a614ec develop build 3e307b8 develop build 25c3348 develop build fbcc68d develop build 8226c29 Jason
  10. It's happening with Steel Twister coasters as well. The wide cars aren't available, but the standard ones are. Also, just found it happens with Monorails and Trains. Only one choice available. I built a huge monorail only for the small monorail cars to be the only option. I hate those things
  11. Yes, I checked all types of wooden coasters and all inventions ready at start. I try not to check "Enable all ride vehicles" cheat, because I don't want the game to crash. Besides, I shouldn't have to check that anyway if I set everything up properly for those rides, which I just double checked by creating another scenario and following all those steps. I've found that if I don't check the first available vehicle type of Wooden Coaster, then whatever comes next in the list is the available vehicle type, with no others available.
  12. Hey guys, So, this happens with every version I download, but I'm on build 40253a7. I create a scenario that has multiple vehicle types available for coasters, but when I build the coaster, only one vehicle type is available and there's no drop down to select other types. Anyone else have this problem? I tried taking screen shots, but they're not saving for some reason... J
  13. Strange discovery... Opened Photoshop, then the game worked perfectly... ?????
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