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  1. @Gymnasiast Good point--I misspoke. I added the files to the OpenRCT2/track folder, and they're not available in-game. Edit: And now they're magically there. ?! Ah well. No clue what happened, but I'll take it. On the subject, where to things like custom scenery, paths, etc. go?
  2. I just downloaded a bunch of custom tracks and drag-and-dropped them into the Tracks folder where all of the custom rides I created in-game are stored, but none of the new tracks are showing up when I go to build a new ride in the game. I accidentally saved a ride that I created in-game to a different folder and drag-and-dropped it to the Tracks folder, and that one isn't available either, so it's definitely not a compatibility issue. How do I get those rides to load? I've tried the import tool in Track Designs Manager, but every time I try to use that, the game crashes. (I have an issue about that in Github.)
  3. I've been running into a lot of bugs lately, and I'd like to be able to submit dump files for them, but... how do I get them? Is there some way to do that from within the game, or do I need an external tool?
  4. Posted here on Github: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7705 It turns out that there is also an earlier Github issue reporting the same issue with slightly different details given: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/5178
  5. @Charjallz, as a matter of fact, that fixed it! Thank you! I think I should still report it on Github, but it's nice to have the problem fixed!
  6. Thanks for the ideas, @joshmarsilio. Neither of those describes my problem--I haven't found an in-game brightness adjustment either, and the day/night cycle is unchecked, and in any case, it's not just the map that's effected--the menu brightness is changed as well. I'll get this set up as an issue in Github.
  7. Thanks, @joshmarsilio. I just created the issue here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7666.
  8. No, that makes no difference. Also, new development: I saved a ride, and immediately it switched over to too-bright version. I don't know why it did that when I simply saved the ride, whereas it didn't happen yesterday when I saved a game, only when I loaded one... Odd. Very annoying, though.
  9. Update: I was just playing a game from a stock scenario that (Electric Fields) that I'd never closed since starting it (I'd only been at it for maybe half an hour), when I wanted to go back to a previous save state. So, without closing anything, I loaded my last save. And although the game had been its ordinary colors previously, when I hit Load, it opened up in the too-bright colors. So, somehow, the colors of all saves are being shifted or filtered or something.
  10. @joshmarsilio, it was set to "Develop" by default, and I tried changing it to "Release." That gave me way more glitchy objects! I'd be happy to post in Github, though I'm not really familiar with issue tracking there--is there any particular protocol for how to post, or should I basically just copy-paste the description (or summarize the description and discussion?) from here?
  11. @Broxzier, if you're referring to my comment, the crash spot in the ride was actually a fairly high-speed curve--covered, so I thought it was okay, but apparently not. There weren't any risky hills after it, so no chance of a backslide. I don't have any save, though, so it'll just have to go down as hearsay.
  12. Some of my newer saved games have a weird apparent glitch--they're way too bright. Not in terms of the weather, but toolbars, menus, everything. (See the picture for a comparison of the main menu and one of the games affected.) The first time this glitch appeared, it happened during gameplay--I had a game open, and it switched to bright. I closed RCT and opened it again, and it was fine. It happened that way for a couple of days--the brightness would switch on randomly, and sometimes switch back off. Now, however, those saves are always too bright. Older saves are fine, and one I tried today is also fine. All of the saves from a few-day time period are affected, roughly corresponding with when I first activated the debugging tools menu. (I haven't really used it, only poked around, and it's still active, so not sure if that's a factor.) The bright saves are all stock scenarios, nothing custom. Other details... I use OpenRCT2 Launcher, so it should be up-to-date. Windows 10. I'm attaching one of the bright files for reference. Any idea what's going on here? Amity Airfield.sv6
  13. Jensj, this happened for me immediately after I opened the game, before I'd loaded anything else. I did also try opening and closing the game a few times, and while the number of glitched objects would change, there were always a few that wouldn't display.
  14. Using covered track doesn't always stop a dinghy from crashing. I found this out a couple of days ago. This wouldn't happen at first, but after the ride had been open for a few minutes, it would start crashing at a medium-fast covered turn. I edited the track so I can't check, but now I think about it, I think that part of the track might have been touching another part of track. The game didn't say that they were in each other's way, and it let me go through with the build, but I wonder if it was nonetheless crashing against the other part of track... Though why that consistently took a few minutes from construction and opening to start happening, I have no idea.
  15. I wanted to create a sandbox environment for adding scenery to custom rides, so I maxed out all of the limits on how many scenery and ride items can be included. The first time I used the scenario, most everything was working. I did notice that a few scenery items hadn't loaded--there were no previews in the selection window, and when I tried adding them to the map, there was either nothing there (for static items) or just a little flickering diamond (for animated ones). (See the gif.) There were previews missing for a few of the rides as well. I saved the game, closed RTC, and came back to it the next day. When I opened the park I'd started with this scenario, most of the scenery I'd put in place had disappeared, and when I try to create a new park from the scenario, that same scenery is invisible there as well. If I return to the main menu and then open it up again, sometimes a couple of items that had been invisible have come back, or vice versa. I assume that this has to do with trying to cram so many item types into a single scenario, but if that's the case, then the caps need to be adjusted. The gif shows what I'm seeing (in the red helix, there's supposed to be a volcano--a static object, so it's just invisible--with 16 little fire objects inside--which are animated, hence the wobbling squares), and the troublesome scenario is attached. I'm running the latest OpenRCT2 with the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack from GOG on Windows 10. OpenRCT2_SceneryGlitch_Scenario.sc6
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