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  1. Its stupid guests allready complain after a 6min wait and won't exit the ride happy anymore. Openrct should increse it to at least 10 IMHO.
  2. Wich means it wont happen before around 2030.
  3. NightHawk

    RCT1 paths

    Wich will be in 2025 or so... *hides* 😅
  4. A good generic solution is to set the ride price to the same as the exitement rating.
  5. NightHawk

    Catwalks !

    I know, but they are tedious. There is a cso someone created out of the multi-dimension sprites that is clipping through trains visually and then there's a good catwalk set by "1K". But they take up object file space you know... If this could be implemented (like the booster sections of the B&M tracks) it would be sooo much easier.
  6. NightHawk

    Catwalks !

    So as you may know the "Multi-Dimension Coaster" has catwalks on its lift segments. It would be amazing if these could be added by trigger on other coasters as well. flat sections could also be usefull during straight track sections & brakeruns: And an example of a Menu entry: The catwalk sprites could be edited out of the multi-dimension coaster. (Like i did on these screens here in gimp *g*)
  7. This used to happen to me when I modified the merry-go-.round music to play custom tracks. It would work but sometimes you'd get loud static instead of music when you loaded a park. I don't remember having this issue with the vanilla music.
  8. The new save format thats always talked about will launch with Half Life 3 simultaneously.
  9. Ahh, yes, staff members are named that. Is this a new openrct2 cheat ?
  10. Tutorial pls. The train has to stop on a flat track after the loop and then start reversing. Have fun pulling that off in vanilla rct2 ! >_>
  11. I have no idea what is going on. There is a big group of people constantly puking in the park. THEY AREN'T EVEN SICK ! when you delete the pathway undeaneath them it turns out it's like 50 peeps ! Cheating clean paths & minimum sickness doesn't work. they instantly puke and ruin the paths again. WTF ? O_O Park file: pukeathon.sv6
  12. If peeps are not heading for a specific ride, they will most likely walk forward untill they reach a dead end of path. This is why the right side is getting more peeps. The peeps coming from the left pathway (red box) head straight in front of its entrance and have a 50% chance of turning left at that point. The green path shows a solution
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