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  1. I had made a simple wooden coaster that used LIM coaster cars (and a longer-than-normal train) because I wanted to see what would happen if I loaded it in RCT3. However, when I saved it, the game crashed. Then I went to check the track designs manager to see if it saved properly; another crash happened. Then went I went to load it in an actual park, the game didn't crash, but when I went to place the ride, this appeared: Other images: Original ride: (the steep part of the first hill has chains on it) Ride placement preview: Design selection window preview (I didn't save any scenery with the ride):
  2. I'm using the normal software drawing engine.
  3. https://gyazo.com/5efffbd629bc0a1ffee719dd4c8e9845 (I can't place the exit for that station on any of the station tracks except for the one the entrance is placed on.)
  4. I recently had a bizarre terrain texture glitch occur while playing on Mozar's Community Server US-1. Here's a gif of it: https://goo.gl/xUfZmb The rocky wall texture in the corner of the map seems to be unaffected. Also, this glitch only showed up when I zoomed all the way out.
  5. There's this weird bug I've been seeing (which just so happens to appear on BPCD's server) where if a coaster uses multiple color schemes, the game doesn't seem to remember which color scheme the track pieces uses and reverts them all to the main scheme. An example is MAGIC MEMES on BPCD's server. This is what the coaster is supposed to look like: https://gyazo.com/ae2b1251f63d021cd91e83756c2a0301 And this is what it looks like after a reload: https://gyazo.com/13fd95566a755345e313a2ea9e9d380d
  6. I was thinking about just a cheat menu, but OK. I see what all of you guys are getting at.
  7. Just a question, is OpenRCT3 being considered? Also, could someone ask about this on Github, too lazy to make an account on there lol.
  8. I did actually add a building around the station later. Just an FYI.
  9. The option "Automatically place staff" doesn't work (at least for me), and if I try to hire staff too quickly, then some will glitch and be unable to place, for me at least. Both of these bugs were found while on a server.
  10. How do I get the new launcher? I know that its from the "Downloads" section, but I mean, "How do I install the new version of the launcher?" I want to know because I'm tired of seeing this (focus on just the launcher part; don't judge my background or what stuff I have installed; also I used Overwolf's R-Control app's screenshot feature to take the picture) : Also, I am able to launch the game perfectly fine with the outdated launcher.
  11. Without an actual save, (the game crashed while I was messing around with autosave disabled) I can't really show any footage of the ride running. Also, I don't think I can even really record videos at all really.
  12. So I was trying to make a B&M Dive Coaster with long trains, and I came across this: As you might be able to see, two of the trains have become one. (I'm talking about the part where there appears to be a train with multiple different colors for one section; that's the fused train pair; the black and white one.) I made the two trains different colors so that I didn't have to add a second picture, and so that it would be easier to see (kinda-ish maybe). I have the train length at the minimum that will cause the trains to be merged. The third train appears under the main drop that is hardly in view; it would be on the flat section before the small steep drop. (If you can see the block brake, you'll have an easier time understanding where that is.)
  13. What about the outdated launcher part?
  14. First off, I cannot seem to get the new launcher. I have Windows 10 by the way. Anyways, on to the main point. I am having problems getting the game to start properly. The console window opens, but not the actual game. Could anyone help solve my problem and give a TEXT tutorial on how to install the new launcher? (I put emphasis on the word "text" because I don't want to have to watch a video a few times just to be able to play a game. And I want to be able to look at something that won't change randomly.) {It says "INFO[src\object_list.c:404 (object_list_cache_load)]: 51 object added... updating object list cache" when I try to start OpenRCT2 through the outdated launcher.}
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