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  1. Well now the bar is too high that shouldn't be a concern.
  2. I quite like the idea of a small talk topic for this forum. It gives users to share a lot more than just RCT related content. Maybe talk more on other games or similar games or just the oppourtunity to flood a section of the forum with cat pictures. It'd definitely make a few more forum goers a little more social.
  3. SnowMew

    A few of my Ideas

    I'm going to weigh in on what experience I have with RCT2 and your ideas. Take this with a pinch of salt I'd say since, I'm quite a silly face.Your idea of Campaign Mode sounds like what I suggested in More Scenario Tabs & Built in Scenario Downloading and expanded form there. It's a nice idea since the campaign grouping would help for keeping the menus neat imo, along with letting people build their own campaigns. The problem I have with Competiton Scenarios comes down to judge allocation, and given the game's current state I feel that the admin's should allocate more time to development than arranging a judging comitee they can trust. That's just my personal opinion however. I could be wrong and some time like tomorrow they could hold applications.I really do agree that transport rides need to be seen as transport rides, not just a fun ride. It takes a lot of fun out of the game knowing guests will just ride a train with multiple stops because it's a train with multiple stops. RCT3 did get it right with how they worked and seeing that in RCT2 could improve park designs greatly. Of course I tend to work around this by making sure every section of the park is connected and guests can walk to each part.Whilst adding more guest starting zones sounds good, I feel that this the least important, especially since I enjoy a lot of parks where there's a distance form the void to the enterance, gving the illusion, but adding vehicles to turn up is something the game can't do, at least so I think. It'd require adding that feature completely and then adding it to each scenario, something that you couldn't just clip onto the edge of every scenario, especially since how this game handles DLC and CC.
  4. I switched to Avast a while back and found it handles false positives a lot better than AVG.It's still personal preferences but at the end of the day this definitely isn't a threat, at least so I'd like to think.Still be vigilant because I used to use things like puu.sh and stopped after one of the updates had malware hacked into it.
  5. SnowMew


    Hello Thomas.Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. SnowMew

    Custom Stalls

    It's more than possible to add custom content like new stalls to the game.The idea is that this is to place a blank stall which can be configured to sell products individually rather than it's stock be pre-determined.I'm not sure if you can do that in RCT2 but, in 3 it's a lot of fun.
  7. http://www.chrissawyergames.com/download.htmThis is all I can find on his website. Just two designs.
  8. Wow, these are fantastic!Definitely handy for compact parks!
  9. Oh, I do yeah. I'm billycat on that site.My favourites are NSFW so I'm not directly linking to my page.
  10. It's possible. If people forget where the park exit is and you don't sell them maps 9/10 they'll get lost and boom, award.Here's spoilers, a full list of awards: http://rct.wikia.com/wiki/The_Complete_Awards_List
  11. As far as I know not all of of RCT1's tracks are compatible with the changes in RCT2 rides. (ie, steep slopes were taken out of the juniour rollercoaster.)The ones that are, it'd still kinda be piracy to just redistribute them, however remaking them in RCT2 wouldn't be. It's a super weird grey area, especially since Sawyer can't technically copyright the ride designs in scenarios, but the files still belong to him.
  12. Isn't there stuff in RCT1's expansions which isn't in RCT2 though?
  13. As far as I remember, you need to run the scenario empty and then build the ride, then save it with the premade content you want. Then load it in the Scenario Editor.The prebuilt ride SHOULD still be there.
  14. I'm probably the only one that dosen't really like this idea that outside input into the game can just feel like it'll mess up the flow of the game. I'm not saying I hate it but it kind of takes away the barely human AI from guests themselves to make their desicions, plus the chat would consist of nothnig but commands and you'd pretty much lose your audience that isn't a fan of TwitchPlays.Even though those descisions are basically sliders and checks.And I'm probably not popular enough to even be effected by a Twitch audience telling their guests to sit almost indefinitely.And never will be.
  15. So long as the ride dosen't exceed the maximum height for supports by going underground that works. Placing designs that go underground is the least graceful thing in RCT.
  16. Oh, for custom layouts there's no way at all to shift them gracefully after building them.
  17. You can, click on a ride you want to move, close it and click the crane icon, you can then delete the ride with the bulldozer icon in the wondow you get to place it but still have it to place somewhere else.There is a hotkey for rotating, Z I believe.
  18. That's a really handy guide. I should maybe consider some of this when building new coasters.Crash-proofing seems like something that really needs to be taken into account.
  19. I haven't been here in a while but yeah, that's exactly what I was looking for.Give players the chance to create a good campaign either by giving them everything at once, or creating something like a difficulty curve like in RCT1.Granted a "Best of" competition would be a handful to manage, but you could pick out judges, but that's only going to open a whole new can of worms that we should consider once we're hitting 1.X.X, imo.
  20. Rollercoasters need to be smooth to be good and less intense, the faster a train goes around the corner, the more bank and possibly wider it'll need to be. Consider that when building coasters, and a pet peave of mine is not to over use Helixes since it's just, really time consuming and dull to watch.
  21. That said why not just have it there for the giggles? I bet you can get some super interesting stuff when two people build one park.
  22. I imagine this is already in the works, but this is something I'm eagerly looking forward to.I'd like the idea of new custom scenarios being places in new tabs, maybe just a CC Tab just to keep it clean, but it does hold furute possibilities like maybe competition parks for some added fun. What that also means is everything dosen't fall under the default tabs of Easy and Expert ect, and then gets lost amongst the official scenarios.Also if it's possible, downloading new scenarios through the game itself, allowing players to download them from where they're hosted and have them automatically instealled and filed under said tab. That said it just sounds like I'm lazy and don't want to unzip the files myself but, people love convinience.
  23. That'd be a nice idea, just a tool for creating forest. Just pick a few different trees, drag an area that you want to make a forest of and just click. It'd go nice for making things a little more lively and wild rather than everything being flat.
  24. SnowMew

    Ageing rides.

    The idea is to try and get you to replace your rides, but nobody wants to pull apart a rollercoaster just to rebuild it EXACTLY the way it is. If it was easier as just clicking a button to "refurbish" the ride, as in, just pay some maintenence, have the ride stopped and in a few weeks, months depending on length it's back up with full reliability.It's sadly not as easy as Transport Tycoon, where you just send trains to the depot and have them replaced with just a simple mouseclick.
  25. As fun as this sounds I'm super skeptical. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but the only multiplayer I can think of which works and is similar is Theme Hospital, and it's not very good to be honest.I mean, the game is, the Multiplayer isn't.
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