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  1. I know that, but i am missing an option to sort it by date. So i can see wich download/content option is newer. Is this gonna be added??
  2. In the launcher pres options go to localisation and the put dutch to english. And launch the game.
  3. Thanks for the tips some thing i didin't know. I had the most problems with the control key, now i know how to do it. I tought it was just as in RCT3 that you pres shift and up, and then hold control to do that, but it won't work that way. Gonna try it out.
  4. It works on english thats strange. I think dutch is broken down. Not to bad i understand english good.
  5. Sttill can't start it. Its stil Openrct2.exe has topped working.
  6. I tryed to run the last develompment build and it wont start any more. It says openrct2.exe has stoped working. The stable and the few last builds have worked perfectly. To bad. I realy wanted to play but don't wanna go lower version of openrct2.
  7. Luckly i know a way to trick avg to think its not a cvirus/maleware/etc. But thanks for the help evry 1.
  8. Is now werking again. It was when i launched the game my avg poptup and it gave a false warning. I redownloaded the launcher via download latetst option. And restarted my PC and it worked again. If this is not readeble its because i types it with my phone at work.
  9. I got it to work now but i think that some av have trouble with the launcher or the game.
  10. And even now i can't start the game it says its not installed or can not be found.
  11. I can't run the launcher My avg thinks its a treat and now i can't unpack it. What the problem??
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