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  1. That's really helpful, especially since I don't really have that big a clue on how these work entirely.That said if I can work Transport Tycoon, this should be easier.
  2. Hi, I'm SnowMew, and I'm a cat.I'm a big fan of RCT and have been since I were in Secondary School. I've played a lot of 1, 2, and 3 and I'm looking forward to future developments in the series.I'm hoping I can enlighten the community with what I know and can contribute in any way possible, even if it's just to, well be here.
  3. I'm hoping you can make it so we can plug in the old sounds, music, and sprites just like OpenTTD does. Scanning for your original install and then taking said files, as well as giving the option to use yours. It'd be the best solution.
  4. Some rides have an actual limit on high their supports can go. It's a part of the game.You'd want to look at possibly the Mega Coaster since it can be built staggeringly high, but it'd be a pretty unorthodox method of park transport, but that does show up in an RCT1 scenario with the Mine Train Coaster.That said adding it as a switch to flick on to allow more freedom would be nice.
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