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  1. Honestly I loved it! It really sets the site apart from other boring forums and was the first thing I was impressed with when I first came to the site upon hearing about it. To each his own though.
  2. Sorry, will the new forums and site eventually look like the original .net site?
  3. Will it eventually have the same layout?
  4. I think it'd be neat to have an OpenRCT group on Facebook so that people can post on it and arrange multiplayer games, talk about stuff with the ease of Facebook, etc. Pages are more for companies that you won't interact with, OpenRCT is a community!
  5. :OI feel dumb. Thank you Broxier. Much appreciated!
  6. Ah, I didn't realize the "2" was in minutes. I'm surprised though, because after a crash once I loaded the autosave and lost 15 minutes of work.
  7. First off, wow. You guys have come a long way! Played multiplayer with a friend last night for a few solid hours, having only one crash from trying to place staff as a client (which is a known issue). I'm amazed =)Anyway, my two suggestions are:1) Ability to change auto-save interval for online games. I see "autosave" in the .ini, but it's just equal to 2 on mine, so I don't know if that's 2 minutes, 2 hours, or some other random variable. Had to open an autosave once, and it was at least 15 minutes old.2) Have stalls automatically open on placing them. There's not really a point to having a s
  8. That's how I complete hedge mazes in real life, +1 to OpenRCT for realism!
  9. Maybe you guys should start a thread for each park you guys create together and upload the finished product in the OP! Would love to see what you guys end up with =P
  10. "I want to get out of the line to Mr Bones' Wild Ride"
  11. You still speak better English than most natives online! Also under profile options for toggling ads on, it's "100% optional", not "optionaly"
  12. Sorry, I meant that I don't have time right now to work on it; count me out of the list. I don't want to hold anyone up since I won't really have the time until winter.@SnowMew, those 1's drive me crazy too. It'd be a cool feature for the devs to make it default to no number unless there's already an existing one (I think thats how RCT3 worked?).
  13. Hello! I just took a peek at each page on the site and found a few things to correct (I know you guys aren't native English speakers, but you guys did a great job with spelling overall). I wrote the correction next to the misspelling (it was mostly on the Developers page anyway, but important eyes will see it!). The one on the Terms page is a font issue I think, probably nothing to sweat about though.http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc490/Derf321/corrections.jpgAnd holy crap, 50k downloads?! It's crazy it's like 200 downloads a day!
  14. I'm sorry!! I didn't realize we were starting now and doing it turn-by-turn! I haven't had much time between my studies and work to get on here (let alone play video games!). Maybe this December I'll ask to hop in the line-up, or if it's a dedicated server or something then I'd help out. Sorry to hold you guys up! I feel bad D:EDIT: Did a good deed to repent: https://openrct.net/forum/topic/598
  15. Yes! Leafy Lake was my favorite from RCT1
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