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  1. Well I fixed it by adding banks at turns and removing big loops at the end of drops. The one that I made with love went from 16.78 to 5.74 now people are actually going on it. Thank you guys for teaching me :)
  2. Hmm, could be. I never played this game so i assumed that some people would like the high intensity :P http://puu.sh/jzDtr/5dfec79855.png
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or I'm just stupid, probably the former because this is one of the first times I played this. I heard great things about this game so I went and bought the GOG version just to use OpenRCT2 :) What happens is that no one cues up on my RollerCoasters as you can see here: http://puu.sh/jzvUW/c160296e9a.png but they cue up on pretty much everything else, for some reason the Circus is very popular among them. Is it that I made them so extreme that absolutely no one wants to go on them?
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