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  1. Thank you for sharing with us your designs. They will be very useful for the scenarios "pay for the entrance".
  2. You are using the wrong object. You have to use the " wooden fence", not the "wooden wall" from the mining theme. To be more general, you have to use a fence and not a wall because in RCT2, only the fences can be placed sloped, the walls can't (there are some exceptions).
  3. You can find the changelog online here : https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/releases You can also find it on your computer. OpenRCT2Folder/bin/changelog.txt
  4. You can also do the same trick by placing a roof "with side wall" under the roof "without side wall". With this trick you can make this type of roof for example : How to do this ? First place the roof "with side wall" at the good height : Then place the roof "without side wall" under the first roof : Now use the tile inspector to raise the roof "without side wall" : Here is the result : You can use different kind of roof
  5. Hello, I saw on the cheat page of the wiki that in the park cheat there is an option for disable clearance checks but in my game there isn't any : I'm running the most recent version of the game : Is this a problem with my game version or a bug ?
  6. sirorco


    Hello everybody, my name is Thomas, I'm 18 years old and I come from Belgium. I'm a big fan of attraction park and roller coaster. I play a lot at RCT 3 and RCT2. I tested a few RCT 1 but I prefer RCT2. I play also at other game like No Limits Rollercoaster, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Farming simulator, Grid 2, Prison Architect,... I often visit real attraction parks like Phantasiand, Walibi Belgium, Efteling (I rode Baron 1898 last week) and Disney land Paris.
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