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  1. Nono, there's a specific button you can click in RCT3 where you can build the same track ride but not have it connected to the main track, and then choose to connect it later or use it to build racing coasters easily.Again I'm not sure how to word it myself, but it's definitely there.
  2. A little long winded I know but to make this a little easier to undertsand, in RCT3 when making something like a Rollercoaster, it's possible to click one thing and then be able to start working on a different section of the track which makes things like planning sections or making racing coasters a whole load easier.I know we might be waiting until the game can be decompiled before this is a thing but, could it be a thing? It's a pretty neat feature in RCT3 itself.
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    Ugh, I'm having trouble with ABP, I've tried turning it off for this site but it still acts like it's on anyway.
  4. I've never actually came across the attraction limit before, but like it was discussed before, if thibngs are changed dramaticvally then the save files wouldn't be cross compatible with the standard game, at least that's what I think.That said I'm just weighing in my opining, Run will be able to tell you better.
  5. Yeh that's better. Forums are usually entertainig when people have a place to post whatever and talk about stuff. Also stops it showing up elsewhere.
  6. Can I go back to say that this topic was just to suggest a part of the forum for small talk?
  7. The small talk topic was to suggest a small talk forum category.It then just got out of hand.
  8. Yeah, I noticed. Kinda made it a little difficult to find out where new posts were made.
  9. That looks fantastic. Seriously.I want to be able to disect it and see all the guts and stuff.That came out a little dark.
  10. Of course, it does come back to that.When you make drastic changes to the game, the saves won't be compatible with the original, so I'm not so sure.
  11. That might be a good idea actually. Having another button which is no access entirely, or maybe blockades which block access altogether.
  12. That house is really pretty, and I really like the micro park.
  13. I'd rather No Entry signs still only apply to visitors, making sure they don't wander up places and make a mess of paths which are easier to keep clean.The easiest solution is to not connect them up with your park. If the path isn't connected no-one will wander up. You could try using patrol zones as well since it's easier to focus staff in a particular area than going for a wide spread, it makes the more effective, instead of engineers taking calls for broken down rides when they're at opposite sides of the park.
  14. There's a large quantity of ideas for your supports problem. Multiple stations however, you can only have the maximum of 4 on a ride that supports them, unlike RCT3 where it's limitless, I think.You could be able to make a system where different tram rides take people to different places, but that could take up a lot of space, and cost a lot of cash.Maybe use different transport rides inbetween, but like someone mentioned before they don't work effectively as they should in RCT3. I always as a back up make sure there's path to join all the areas together.
  15. Huh, I tried loading it and got a whole bunch of errors from missing files. Can anyone else check this just incase it's not me?Just to check I loaded a save I made, worked fine.Is there anything else as part of the file that's needed, any Custom Content or just, I'm a silly head?
  16. It does look fantastic.That said I've always been that kind of sissy that only rode the Ladybird.
  17. Not that I know of. Maybe upload the save file anyway, and any supporting files if needed.I don't mind anyone beating me to the punch, and just a heads up if you do, we're looking for these two stalls to be removed:View image View image
  18. I have them, I can probably do that for you.
  19. From the looks of things, by reinstalling the expansion packs. If you don't have them and misplaced your CD you'll have to buy them. Just keep an eye on GOG.com or Steam for when RCT2 is at a comfortable price for you. The upside is a digital copy is harder to lose. Either that or replace your CD yourself.We can't send them, that'd be, naughty really.
  20. Please stop. The fabric of the reality of RCT2 is falling apart.
  21. That works as gloriously as I pictured it would.
  22. A lot of this is pretty helpful and that park really looks really beautiful with fencing and more effort on the paths.Granted in the scenarios I just go for what works but in flat land sandbox I'll probably consider putting a lot of effort in.
  23. It looks pretty cool and ridiculous. I bet you can make a bizarre park with 4 different trains on a rollercoaster.Although I'm curious as to how hard the game would crash if you did something like put Trams on a looping coaster.
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