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  1. https://openrct.net/forum/topic/65/launcher-wont-recognize-my-game
  2. Not like that... I just assumed someone would develop an entrance that has no texture... Have you ever made a station and the normal entrance and exit buildings are sticking out of the roof? You know what i'm talking about! Or I hope so... :D :O <--- That's an awesome emote...
  3. No* Not "not" .... Am I confusing you guys even more... :P
  4. I'm just here waiting for a choice to have not entrances on your rides... You know what i'm talking about! :D
  5. I tried it but it is kinda flawed and I think with the dragging your cursor and having an option to pick which types of trees you want to place down, would be a lot nicer. :D For now it will do though. :D
  6. Oh my goodness! Thx so much for your help! It works and now my played 2 minutes might turn into played 2 years... :D
  7. When I played RCT2 it was on a disk on my old computer. Now I use a laptop, but it doesn't have a place to put my disc in. So Steam has a sale and I got my game for a cheap price. I download the game and I boot it up. I go to my launcher and before it comes up a window says "Have you installed and ran RCT2 at least once? If not, then please do so and try again." I press ok and the launcher appears, but the button to play the game is un-clickable. I click update and play rct2 from steam and try again multiple times yet it still won't work... :( Did I do something wrong or do I need a disk and I
  8. I feel like playing trees individually is such a hassle... I think (If possible) it would be cool to be able to lay down trees by dragging your mouse around an area of land. It would also be cool to pick the types of trees to lay down in a mix so if you don't want palm trees and other undesirable trees with your forestry type trees you don't have to. Thx for reading an I hope you understand my idea. :D Pls leave comments so I can see your thoughts on my idea. :D
  9. This is a great idea! :D
  10. I usually don't mod my games so I am kinda a scub when it comes to doing these types of things. I have the assets downloaded but don't know what to do from there... :/
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