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  1. The following problem occurs, when the original Rollercoaster Tycoon folder is added in the settings it imports all the scenarios. Under the tab for Added Attractions all scenarios are added double. Like the following screenshot shows. I don't know if this problem is all ready noticed.
  2. Wil1131

    Old Polder

    A rather small park I've made, very compact.I have to say it turned out rather well.View imageView imageView imageView imageThe video is slightly outdated, the karts are missing.[yt]CQYDA9IjydQ[/yt]
  3. It's the year 1964. A few new rides have been added to the park. A tall tower is build on a small Island, so the visitors can see an overview of the park. View image
  4. When I try to upload a scenario to the Content Center. It says sc6 or SC6 files aren't accepted?
  5. Wil1131

    Fungus Woods

    It's called "Paddenstoelenwoud" in Dutch if I'm correct.
  6. Nah, it's just the good old summer style
  7. Here's my version of the standard Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 scenario Gravity Gardens:[yt]M_q-D0myBTw[/yt]
  8. Running on Windows 7, Intel cardEnglish version works fine, but when changing to Dutch or Swedish (in game), it crashes.
  9. I'm experiencing the same problem. The stable build works fine, the development build crashes on startup. View image
  10. I have to say G DATA (internet security) works really good for me. I never had any trouble with it. I'm not advertising, it's just my experience.
  11. Funny thing is, only 4 of the 2,000 guests think they are lost
  12. I've played this game for over 10 years now and I've never seen this one before :)View imageMost confusing park layout XD
  13. Wil1131

    News ticker

    It has not. The new RCT1 style makes it look like this:View imageDo some research before you say things imlegos.There's clearly a difference
  14. Wil1131

    News ticker

    Would it be possible to make the news ticker look like this:View imageSo the edge is colored and the center is completely black, this does not only look nicer in my opinion, but also increases the readability of the colored text inside.
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