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  1. Just go to https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues or click on "issue tracker" in "problems bugs and feedback". You then have to sign up with github, but this is not too hard to do. You also may need to use firefox or ie browser for github, if your chrome or browser is not up to date (i use firefox for "github"). Then after you are signed up, and signed in at github, post your issue by pressing the green "new issue" button. Follow the instructions such as giving them the version of openrct2 you are using, and your computer operating system etc. You could then just copy and paste your issue
  2. I used to get glitchy objects if i told the launcher to download "stable" instead of "develop" mode or maybe it was the other way around, i don't remember exactly which one was which, all i remember is that one was glitchy and one wasn't. Anyway, maybe if you go into options from the launcher start window, and next to "Branch:" select "develop" instead of "release" or vise versa, then you might stop having glitched objects.... ?.?> Though your problem may be being caused by something else that i'm not aware of.
  3. During the "title screen" before loading a game or save game, click the white and green "options" tab in the upper right corner. Next click the "wrench" icon and make sure "enable debugging tools" is checked.
  4. Every time after my launcher updates openrct2, and right after i press the "play" button, the game windows goes white or "blank", and i must wait four, maybe five minutes for the game to actually start... Am i the only person with this issue? I use windows vista 32-bit on a toshiba laptop. I have "normal openrct2", "openrct launcher", and "rct2 vanilla" installed on my (this) laptop. I also have at least 3 object file folders. Anyone know why this is happening or if it could be fixed? Anyway, i have posted this issue on github, and i was told there that this may be happening because my co
  5. I've had problems with the game taking long to start, and i've posted this in the "issues" forum at github. So yes i have a similar problem sometimes. It happens most often when i open the game through the launcher after the launcher has updated my game. But it sometimes happens randomly at other times when i try to open the game. It must have something to do with the object file checking. I am not currently a developer of the game so i have little understanding of this. But yes i do have this issue too. The game takes 4 minutes to start when this happens...
  6. I am not able to figure this out... I went to: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/IntelOrca/openrct2-ject9/build/ and saw : artifacts\openrct2-installer-release-win32-5d5c64a.exe File 5 MB OpenRCT2-installer artifacts\openrct2-portable-release-win32-5d5c64a.zip Zip archive 6 MB OpenRCT2-portable artifacts\openrct2-symbols-release-win32-5d5c64a.zip Zip archive 13 MB OpenRCT2 debug symbols -Which one do i download? -I downloaded all three, and extracted "
  7. Windows x86 Installer OpenRCT2-0.1.1-windows-win32.exe c35cd9604… 5.18 MB The above file is no longer available. Anything earlier than this would probably work for me. .... so, how do i download a version older than 5 days, preferably older than 8 weeks???
  8. i dont remember which version i was running that worked but it was from anywhere between 4 and 16 weeks ago.
  9. how do i download an openrct2 version older than 5 days? The only thing i see older than 5 days is at "download 0.1.1 release" but the page is saying that "this file is no longer available". -by the way i think i need a version from atleast 2 months ago.
  10. I had been without internet access for weeks before today and the openrct2 version i was using during that time worked well enough... and i could play(though it did freeze once in a while before loading). But now, today after my launcher has installed the latest "develop" version... i cannot open openrct2 at all, i get this message: openrct2.exe - Entry Point Not Found (x) The procedure entry point K32GetModuleFileNameExW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll after pressing the "play" button from the launcher. I am completely unable to open the game, any help???
  11. https://www.openrct2.org/downloads/develop/latest or (LAUNCHER) https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases/tag/v0.0.6
  12. My computer began to detect a "win32:malware-gen" virus after installing "avg free anti-virus". I was told at github.com that the"win32:malware-gen" virus is harmless and nothing to worry about. I have since uninstalled avg and the game now opens. I suspect that the win32:malware-gen may be something like a "decoy" to actually prevent other virus's, but no one at github has told me exactly what it is. Anyway i don't seem to have any virus or problem with my computer now, so it probably is harmless, but i am still wondering what exactly is "win32:malware-gen", does anybody know?... well, thanks
  13. Am i the only one who has detected a virus in the launcher update, cause i'm pretty sure it's there...
  14. Merging multiple track types: When building a coaster made of multiple track types, first select a coaster type that most of the coaster will be made of. This will be the "mother" coaster, the coaster that you make your station, trains and most of the track pieces with. Build the first part of the coaster, or as much of it as you want, including the station. Now stop, or simply erase sections to create a void where you want the new type of track pieces to be (loops twists hills whatever). [To create "voids" in a coaster's track: First; "close the coaster for service" (red flag i
  15. Does anyone know... do spawn points have to be pointing away from the park entrance in order for the peeps to exit the park? Or do the peeps automatically exit through the gate even if the spawn point arrow is only pointing into the park? I have observed that peeps do not exit out of the park unless there is a spawn arrow pointing out, but i may be wrong.....
  16. There would be no way to display more than 4 angles of view during game play, unless every ride, track piece, and object ever created were re-drawn by hand from those new angles. And still, the game itself would have to be remade to display more than 4 angles of view. -It sounds like maybe you need to learn how to use the "cut away view". Select the cut-away view in the "eye"/view icon, then slide the slider left and right to see under, through, and inside things while you build. Also, use the tile inspector's x/y axis to move to new squares left,right, up, or down precisely and one by on
  17. To place spawn points: [note: Enabling sandbox mode and using the "golden shovel" is not necessary when placing spawn points in the scenario editor because the mini map in the scenario editor has full functionality by default.] First be sure you have cheats checked from the options tab in the upper right corner of the opening sequence screen (in the gears tab/toolbar; check cheats), this will give you the "golden shovel" tab at the top left while playing a game (the golden shovel will be a new tab, one tab to the right of the floppy disk tab). Now while you are in a game, select; "en
  18. okay then... i will do. Thanks.
  19. ---- this is so confusing i think i may just wait till i can buy the triple thrill pack
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