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  1. Why Does Openrct2 create a folder at c:/programs and at user/name/documents? At which location should i place save files extra objects and have bin folders in?
  2. I downloaded your uploaded park. It is not the same park in the video. Are you aware of this? By the way it is October 31 today, Halloween, not April first ' April Fool's Day'.
  3. If I upload an .sv file of a park i created that contains custom made coasters, will people who download the .sv of the park see those custom coasters or do i have to also upload each custom coaster too?
  4. You should really place your coaster in a park and then save the park and upload the .sv file, otherwise it is almost impossible for any novice rct2 user to view your coaster as a .td6 file.
  5. There is a chance that that park is at https://www.nedesigns.com/ to download.
  6. Sometimes you will reach height or low ground level limits, but most any tile can be fixed or adjusted using the tile inspector.
  7. Queue lines aren't necessary for any ride, but entrances and exits usually are. If there is no queue line leading up to a rides entrance, the peeps will still board the ride one at a time sporadically. If there is a queue line leading into a rides entrance the peeps will wait in line to board the ride as a group.The peeps will then board the emptied ride until it is fully loaded (or loaded to whatever wait for load setting you have selected). Check and set the rides boarding limits (how many people it fits) you can adjust these and waiting time, and wait for full load settings. I don
  8. Guests get thirstier and hungrier after riding intense rides. And they also get hungrier and thirstier the more they walk. I am not sure of the following but i think they do also get thirstier when it is hot outside.
  9. Try waiting maybe 5 minutes on the black screen. The game might suddenly start after that amount of time. After it starts once, it might only take 20 seconds the next time you open it. Unfortunately i have this problem with my old windows Vista laptop. If the game updates to another version, it sometimes takes five minutes to start from the black screen, and there after the game will load in about 20 seconds.
  10. i'm not an expert with technical things or most anything else here, but i tried. If my ideas didn't help you i don't know of anything else to say. Maybe someone else will help you... Good luck.
  11. The g2.dat file should be in c: (or whatever your main hard drive letter is)..... at.... C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2\data. It should be around 106 kb large. There should also be a much larger G1.dat file in that same folder next to the g2.dat file that is about 16.5 MB large. Openrct2, for me, on my windows vista laptop, installed itself in a weird way. It created the folder mentioned previously, but it also made a folder in "my name"\documents\openrct2. I used to run the openrct2.exe from this "my name"\documents directory, (i think)... But now the openrct2.exe i use is in "C:\Progr
  12. I had avg installed for a while, i found that it was a lot of trouble to use, and i found that it blocked or warned about openrct2 so i uninstalled avg.
  13. I think it's a great idea, but it would have to be added to the game. An animation would also need to be drawn to represent the actual lightning strike. The game developers seem to be worrying about other more practical issues with the game at the moment so something like a lightning strike breakdown being added is not so important right now... i guess.
  14. joshmarsilio


    You could try installing the linux version of openrct2 here https://www.openrct2.org/downloads/master/latest. It may or may not work with your chromebook but according to wikipedia.org, chromebook uses a form of "linux" as its operating system. The only problem (at least i think) is that anyone who wants to play openrct2, must also have an official version of rct2 already installed on their computer for openrct2 to function. You will also need zipping/unzipping software to open the "openrct2 linux" file which is in a .gz file format. Unzipping software can be downloaded for free at https:
  15. omg, all of that work!... you might as well build a ship in real life! Really amazing though nice!
  16. I have never been able to start a server myself and i have never really tried to. But i did research what i would have to do to start a server: Are you sure you opened a port or ports through your internet service provider? That's one of the things i think you have to do.
  17. I use scale factor 1.0 and 1280x800 resolution. I use a toshiba laptop with a very "crisp" display, but i've noticed the games graphics don't look as good on the computers at the library near me. The library in my neighborhood has hp, or some other brand, "all in one" computers with very large screens. The graphics aren't as crisp and the colors aren't as bright on them. The graphics on my computer look even better if i tilt my screen a bit to make it darker. I never use any other scale factors other than 1.0. For me, any thing else looks really bad.
  18. well then my system would still work. It sounds like you are suggesting that the peeps walk along and on top of the transport tracks as if they were a path? This makes no sense, you could just put an invisible path over the track with "disable clearance checks" checked if you wanted to.
  19. I am not currently a developer, but i know some programming. Currently the peep pathfinding logic does not seem to be optimized, at least not for the parks that i've created, but it still works well enough that i can get a 999 rating. If the coding and logic was changed to suit only some parks, like mine, then it may become unsuitable for other parks. This is why it may be complicated or unwise to change the peep travel logic altogether. However, i do agree that peeps finding rides and attractions via transport would be a nice feature to incorporate into the game either as a feature to be
  20. Go into options (the gear icon), in a game or in the main menu, and make sure enable debugging tools is checked. Next, while in a game, click the "gears icon" (debugging tools). From that menu, select "object selection".... If you want to select individual objects, click on the "advanced" button... while in the "object selection" menu you can select individual objects by "checking" the box next to each object's name,... you can also select "object groups" in the same way. (right now the number of object files and object groups that are allowed in one park is limited and disorganized
  21. If i start my game windowed, the game window opens blank with only the window border showing, but i hear the theme music. Only after i wait for a few moments, or minimize the window and reopen the window, can i see the games graphics. I wonder if my problem is related, i use windows vista 32-bit. Anyway, i guess i might report this at github.com.
  22. Well i'm here to read your explanation. If it's any easier than mine, i'd gladly try it. Anyway, at least for me, it seems that this is what someone would have to do to open a port and start an openrct2 server, let me know if you figure out something simpler and explain it to me.
  23. I just answered this question a few days ago, it was asked by someone recently in "problems bugs and feedback". I myself, have never been able to start a server of my own, but i researched how to. It involves opening up a "port" for a game through your internet service provider. Read my answer here it might help. :
  24. I have recently researched, and looked into how to open a port for hosting an openrct2 game. And guess what... it is very complicated! Also you could be putting your computer at risk by opening ports for hosting games. Most people are claiming that there is little risk in opening ports, yet others claim there is some risk. Anyway if you really want to do it, your best chance would be to go to, and log into the website of your internet service provider with your account name and password. Most internet providers will be verizon or xfinity, but if you have a different provider then go
  25. There used to be a slider, i think, in the options menu, for adjusting the in-game brightness, but i cannot find it at this time, and so it may have been temporarily or permanently removed from the game by the programmers... There is also an option to be checked and unchecked in the "tree" /"rendering" tab in options, to cycle night and day, this can cause a change in brightness during the game. You may be having some unusual or strange problem that is otherwise, and if so, i couldn't help you myself, i am not a programmer.
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