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  1. Thanks, guys. I was able to move the land with the tile inspector, but it had a graphical issue and was still not able to move the land afterward with the tool. In the end I restarted the scenario entirely (placement of the main building wasn't where I wanted anyways). I'll poke around and if I can reproduce the error I'll submit an issue.
  2. Think I figured out what happened. I started this scenario based on the Hydro Hills scenario. When I pulled the saved map into the scenario editor it removed the existing ride from the first little lake. I believe those broken tiles are the ones where the station of that road were placed, and something there got corrupted. I'll have to start the scenario over, but at least now I know what went wrong (I think).
  3. Sometimes the fullscreen app loses focus (notification from my calendar, incoming Slack call, etc) and when this happens OpenRCT stays as a black screen and does not return. It's still running, I can see my cursor (and it changes like it would normally on different elements) but the full graphics display never comes back on. I have kill the process to get out of RCT and relaunch the app. Currently running in it Software (Hardware) so I can make use of the great night lighting, would that be the culprit? Is it possible to run the game in windowed mode as a workaround?
  4. Thanks! Yes, tiling is an issue (I think it's not being lit evenly), and from one angle they don't align properly so there's definitely still some tweaking to do. Right now they're not colourable, but I might enable that at some point. The siding slabs will definitely be colourable, though. I might make a second version with more obvious paneling, too, since these are just a bit too flat imo.
  5. Trying to build up a new scenario for myself, and I have an issue with a line of six specific tiles; I can not lower the water level or raise the land level in this strip. Any ideas what's going on? There's no scenery or objects in it, disabling collision check doesn't help either.
  6. Ignored my real work this morning to whip these up. Couldn't find any modern horizontal wood panel walls, so I made my own. Panelling got lost a bit, but they'll do for me. I created traditional tile edge walls, as well as walls centered on the tile for a specific use case I have in mind. I'll also make some 'cutout' versions I can use to mask the front of some stalls and make some windowed areas. In addition to this set, I'll also make a set of poured concrete walls and large modern siding panels similar to this:
  7. Similar to the 'enable chainlift on all pieces' feature, would it be possible to allow the brake, and/or block brake, functionality on any component of a rollercoaster in a similar way? It would be nice to use the block brakes on downhill sections in some occasions.
  8. I suppose I could set something up in Keyshot to match lighting/isometric view, but I think I'll stick with the plugin for now to get into the flow of things with RCT. Every game has a different way of doing things and making quality content requires that knowledge first and foremost
  9. My first step will be getting a good model sorted for a light post and then I'll play with the render plugin; my quick test yesterday didn't yield the results I expected but I'll have to dig into it a bit more. I have never used Blender for rendering (always used Keyshot, or built 3D game assets for realtime stuff) so I'm probably missing something basic there. Hopefully I can figure that out in the next few days and then I can get into the object builder. I think I'll go the .DAT route for compatibility with Vanilla RCT2 and RCTClassic (which my girlfriend uses) for the time being, and I'll dive into .JSON if/when it gets some extended features.
  10. Thanks @X7123M3-256 for the tips! I'll dig into the suggestions and see if I can wade through the rest of it
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to make a few items for the game for my own playthrough (I'll share them, as well!) but I have a few questions on some of the general things. I'll be using Blender for the 3D and the plugin to render the sprites. While I'm relatively new to Blender (year or so playing with it for various things) I've done a lot of video game modding in some form or another over the last ~20 years and I'm an industrial designer by trade so I'm not coming at this from scratch. - What scale/units should I be using? In general the proportions of the game are a little cartoony; how tall should a light pole be? - The plugin's general guide says models should be centered on the origin; does this apply to path objects (benches, litter bins, lights, etc) as well, or should they be modeled off to the side (and how much), or is this all handles by setting an offset in the object builder? - How do you set up a light to actually be a light in game (using the hardware based night time lighting in OpenRCT2)? Is it possible to specify light colour? - How do you set up something as a litter bin? Bench? - I tried a quick, simple render with the plugin and I get an empty .PNG. I never render with Blender so I have no idea where to start looking for the problem; any tips? - How do you set up your own 'scenery group?' I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I get deeper into things, but I'll start here for now Eventually I'd like to make a few shops/stalls and the odd train; baby steps, first, though!
  12. Ah, so that was just me misunderstanding the terms; I thought OpenGL was a hardware-only renderer. That being said, had I been able to read the 'hardware display' in the dropdown I'd have sussed it but it didn't fit in the window on my end With the scale at 1 I don't get any rendering issues on my end, and with the new 2 and 4x zoom implementation I'm a happy camper. Hopefully when work calms down a bit I can find some time to make a couple objects; I'd really like to do some new, more modern, pathway lamps, benches and litter bins.
  13. I've poked around some more, and I've been able to activate them in the second "software" rendering mode (can't see what's in the brackets beside it). Initially had a lot of issues with rendering but returning the scale to 1 fixed those issues. So I now have night lights; but not in the OpenGL rendering mode for some reason.
  14. New to OpenRCT2, and excited at all of the possibilities! I discovered the night setting, but the night lights options are greyed out. I changed the rendered to OpenGL, and I can get night time in game, but I can not enable the lighting effects. Any ideas why? My system is pretty high end (mostly into racing sims in VR) so it's not a capability issue and there shouldn't be a compatability/driver issue (though not outside the realms of possibility).
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