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  1. I hope OpenRCT2 also get an "Everyone" rating from ESRB and "3+" rating from PEGI
  2. OpenRCT2 will have new ride breakdown type: Struck by lightning That breakdown type only in Thunderstorm weather that the lightning strikes the ride and the ride may broken down because a lightning strike them. Are you agree that the new ride breakdown?
  3. Hi guys. I will request about OpenRCT2 will change game name to OpenJTP. JTP stands for Jawa Timur Park (the theme park company in Indonesia.) Insert Jawa Timur Park Group logo in game menu
  4. Insha Allah (Islam.) in version 0.2.1 will have more advanced cheats
  5. I hope next release 0.2.1 will have new feature: Custom color scheme (CMYK, RGB, HSL) of rides or scenery You can set the limit of sprites, park entrances, spawn points, etc.)
  6. So, how to change the save file that will increase some limits?
  7. Hello OpenRCT2 friends. I've been requested in version 0.3.0 has a huge updates. Updates are coming soon 1. New Language (Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Vietnamese) 2. You can custom rides and stalls in the game 3. Unlimited number of guests and staffs (sprites) - 10.000 guests as 10k guests - 1.000.000 guests as 1m guests You can add guests in the cheat until millions of guests 4. Unlimited map size 5. Parade show (Assign entertainers as a performer, and create routes) 6. One-way footpath 7. Priority queue line (Guests buy priority pass in information kiosks) 8. New object (Picnic table, PA Speakers) in "Signs and Items for Footpaths" scenery group 9. OpenRCT2 Virtual Piano (You can create a music as a game music)
  8. So, I ask you to submit the tutorial video "HOW TO CREATE A NEW LANGUAGE" in OPENRCT2
  9. OK, We will add Indonesian translation in OpenRCT2 game
  10. In version 0.3.0, OpenRCT2 introduce Bahasa Indonesia as a new language in OpenRCT2 game
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