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  1. So which of these 3 folders do i extract to? i'm guessing it's #2?
  2. Now im extracting the .zip file from the address you gave me and im attempting to merge it with my folder C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and it's asking if i want to replace all kinds of critical files with the newer ones. I don't know what to do because i don't want to completely destroy my current setup... Any way i'll try cautiously to figure it out on my own unless you have advice thanks.
  3. So, i downloaded the demo .exe file at the link you gave me. The file was around 500 mbs.. I extracted it to c:\program files\openRCT2. I got errors (could not copy files over and over...). I suspect i have to extract the file to a different folder, but the instructions are telling me to extract it to c:\programfiles\openrct2, which is what i did and it didn't install. By the way i have 3 rct2 folders 1 is C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2, 2 is C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (my vanilla/CompactDisc official game folder), and 3 is C:\Users\Josh\Documents\OpenRCT2 (where
  4. I'm guessing it's because of my lack of expansion packs/triple thrill pack, but thanks for the help anyway.
  5. Uhm well this isn't the greatest explanation, and btw i tried again, i still can't figure it out... guess i'll keep experimenting.
  6. I am completely unable to open any of these "group park 5" files. Maybe it's because i don't have any expansion packs installed? Could it be any other reason? I get the small red box message "unable to open file... game save failed!"
  7. i guess i forgot to do the first part. I'll see if it works thanks.
  8. Does anyone have the know-how to explain to me how to make tables that peeps can sit at? I see some in ne-parks, one being mirage islands, which is currently the showcase park in the servers list. I see they used "crown moulding c toontowner", to create the table, and then somehow they placed the benches around the table. I have not been able to do this on my own. Not only is the table often in midair, but i also have to delete the path underneith the table to place the table. Somehow they have successfully created tables on top of paths which the peeps can walk up to and sit at. By the way i
  9. If you're referring to the fence that surrounds some parks that you can't delete, this is the border between your owned and unowned land. Many scenarios have a one or two block thick strip of unowned land surrounding the entire park and some even contain entire chunks or areas of unowned land. It would be nice if you could press one button to make all land owned, which would get rid of this "fence" but i don't think you can. Instead you can check "enable sand box mode" in the golden shovel, the fourth icon from the top left screen {{CHEATS MUST BE CHECKED IN THE IN GAME: DISK, OPTIONS, GE
  10. HOW? It was a double post. If i post an accidental double post, or something i want to delete, i've been deleting it and replacing it with a "period" because otherwise i get the message "cannot post an empty post" or something like that. I don't see how to completely delete a post or topic.
  11. Guests are getting stuck before the park entrance in this version of crazy castle of mine. They can't smoothly exit and enter the park, they get stuck. I don't know how or when this happened but i didn't notice it until today. I am trying to erase and set "set starting position for people" in the "map" menu (with sandbox mode on) but i don't know how and i can't completely erase the blue arrow or place it near the parks edge. I also tried to crop land as owned, and construction rights owned but this didn't seem to help. Can someone explain to me how to set this entire entryway so gu
  12. I don't know of any "download" that allows you to build through scenery... if there is one you could show it to me. I am actually having a problem myself building inside of a raised land mass at the moment. Right now, you can't, even if you disable clearance checks you still can't. You have to lower the land and then add blocks on top of what you placed to make it appear as if it is inside the land mass similar to something "inside of a cave". You can, however, tunnel paths through land masses by clicking the second paths option in the paths menu called "construct bridge or tunnel pa
  13. oh. well that clears things up a bit. thanks.
  14. After feeling as if i may have made a complete fool of myself by posting my sub-par (compared to ne designs.com parks) parks and coasters on orct2.org, i have a question. If openrct2.org has only been around for 3 or 4 years now, when were these parks from n.e. designs.com created? Were they all created in the past 4 years? Where did everyone get their object files to build this complex scenery? How did they know which scenery groups to select? Was this scenery available in expansion sets before 2014? By the way i have only owned the game for about 3? years now. -just curious Some of
  15. Sounds like a fun add-on or maybe an "in game secret" that could be opened with a code or "unlocked" somehow. I like it! A "hell" park with Satan and demon entertainers. On a similar note; I suspect there may be a "skater hell" level hidden in tony hawk pro skater 4 for playstation2, but i'm yet to see someone actually unlock it.
  16. I made this reply today for the sake of the user who created this post. She said she finds random pieces of path missing during her game play and she doesn't understand why, so i thought just recently; maybe the right mouse dragging is what's causing her problem. She may never sign on again or read this here reply, but i just thought today that this may be the cause of her problem. As for me, in my version of rct2 (i do not have or use rct1) the "esc" key does get me out of any cursor sub-mode such as path, shovel, etc.. I did not "remap" anything that i am aware of, it has always been this wa
  17. It is true. If the cursor is in any mode other than the standard pointing finger, then a single right mouse click will delete whatever the mouse is over, but if you press and hold the right mouse button carefully to move the map usually the underlying object will not be deleted. This was a problem for me until i got used to using the "esc" button (which gets you out of shovel, bulldozer, path, etc) to go back to the pointing finger cursor, when i was done editing and wanted to move the map.
  18. I know the last reply was more than one month ago, but i also wanted to add: You can accidentally delete paths and objects when you are scrolling the map with the right mouse button. If the courser or "mouse cursor" is anything but the white hand pointing with the pointer finger: ex. (shovel, bulldozer target, object placer etc...), then the right mouse button will act as a scroll tool and a deletion tool at the same time. Every time you hold and move the map with the right mouse button, you are at risk of deleting whatever is under the mouse pointer unless the mouse is the standard white
  19. wow, this may take me some time to figure out... but thanks.
  20. I have been experimenting with mixing coasters; example: LIM coaster has only one small loop so i tried building a steel twister loop in place of the lim loop. I see people doing this successfully in nedesigns.com parks, they have loop and track pieces from multiple coaster types functioning as one single coaster. I, however, have not been able to figure out how to do this. I have tried joining one type coaster track with another and have sometimes even seen the ends of the track pieces "merge" together at the ends so as to create a complete circuit of coaster, but when i test or open the coas
  21. It's possible that there's a glitch in your software, but it also may be that you are "painting" over your que/exit lines. You have to be sure your entire cue line is in fact made from a "que" path (the one on the right of the two path's you're given under "footpaths"). The path on the left is an "exit" or normal "walking" path which a ride's exit should be entirely made of. All you have to do to change a path is simply click on or "paint" it and it will automatically change to what is "selected" in "paths". Sometimes, to prevent this from happening, you will be forced to select "construc
  22. I think that's a good point chill, and a good idea, but the ride_breakdown/mechanic sync is totally screwed right now... If it weren't, you would never have to do either of these things. Although i think your idea should be implemented regardless of sync problems, if anyone were to ever get around to it. But you also have to consider; what if the mechanic were set down as far away as possible from the ride he was about to fix, in this case it might be a good thing that his objective is sent to another mechanic or the next closest mechanic. Hmm or would it?
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