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  1. Thanks man! This clears a lot up. I hope that thedevs might consider a new save format which would allow so much more to run at the same time. Then you can make some incredibly diverse and amazing parks!
  2. I've been interested in this game, and I love all the varied options for ride types and scenery, but I was disheartened to find that you have a very, VERY limited selection at one time. I was wondering if it's possible to try and find a way where all options are availible to the player so that they can make a very cool and diverse theme park. Idk if its possible, but the game seems simple enough to edit to make a change like this (but idk for sure. I'm not a programmer or anything). If it's already possible with OpenRCT2, then that's great! If it's not, oh well. I'll still have fun
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