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  1. It is of my first time completing crazy castles and it took me more than 12 hours of game play. What's wrong with it? How is a custom coaster any better than a pre-made coaster? The pre made coaster's are custom in the sense that somebody made them at some point. Show me a better version of crazy castle and i will be impressed. By the way i am demonstrating 2 other custom coasters which i've made. You don't seem to be impressed with them either. I am tired of seeing everyone's coasters lets see some parks.
  2. hey, i'm a beginner. it took me some time to create these parks, and what's the difference if i use pre-made rides, they're still good rides, somebody is bound to use them somewhere. I've only owned the game for less than 2 years now, i have a slow computer, and i don't have all the building pieces you have.
  3. These parks were made mostly with original rct2 "vanilla", using mostly pre-made coasters (but do contain some original coasters too). They are my time lapsed (no cheats except in later development) (mostly vanilla) completions of the first three parks listed here. The coasters were created in openrct2 but with limited object selection. --- WORKS IN PROGRESS --- Crazy Castle By Josh Marsilio 4.17.sv6 Bumbly Bazaar by Josh Marsilio 2.99.sv6 Extreme Heights By Josh Marsilio 5.63.sv6 Extreme Heights (REMIX) By Josh Marsilio 1.39.sv6 batista By JoshMarsilio 1.
  4. i've played rct2 for about 20-30 months now and openrct2 for 8-12 months or so... i acquired the computer that i have now only 2-3 years ago and i was computer-less for the 4 years prior to that. So yes, i have, but i found my copy of rct2 at a thrift store in 2014 and didn't even know the game existed until then. I am relatively new to the game, but i have spent dozens of hours on 3 particular scenarios ((bumbly bazarre, crazy castle, and extreme heights), (which i completed using mostly pre-made rides)) I have built a few custom coasters else-ware. Several were in servers and i did not s
  5. Hello. I have encountered a problem in at least one of my parks but not all of them: In one particular park which was originally a server-park, which i then saved to my computer; i am unable to take a screenshot. When i do it says in black letters in a small red bar "screenshot failed!". Does anyone know why this is happening or how i might fix this?
  6. I think i found the answer for myself. I found the option in "options" at the initial start of the launcher. "Enable unlocking of scenario's" has to be "unchecked" in order to have all scenarios automatically unlocked. A bit confusing, but it seemed to work. Thanks anyway.
  7. Is there a way to "unlock" or "select and play" "locked scenarios" that come-up at the start screen without completing the previous scenarios?
  8. well i don't see an "objdata" folder in there, nor any object files, but thanks anyway.
  9. I have seen "sea turtles", "sit-down-at tables", building blocks that i don't have, lighting at night, cars, and some other objects in people's parks on you tube videos and image files. Where are they getting these objects? Are these all included in the two expansion packs?
  10. I asked months ago "how can i purchase un-purchasable land?". I was told to go to the mini-map and there would be an option on the bottom to allow me to do this by cropping land on the mini-map, however, i no longer see this option in the mini-map. What happened? am i not seeing something or is this no longer an option?
  11. Sometimes when i start openrct2 i get a message "object files out of date" "updating 2100 objects"(or whatever the number may be), but the number of object files in any of my rct2 folders doesn't seem to be increasing, especially not by 100's or thousands of objects. i only have 821 object files in rct2 folder and 1523 in openrct2 folder. Why aren't my object files increasing? where are these files going?
  12. Hi there. I am only an "apprentice" on this website, but i can tell you that i too had some problems when i first installed open rct2 to my computer. I am currently running windows vista 32-bit on a laptop with original rct2, openrct2, and openrct2 launcher installed. I now exclusively use the launcher when i want to play openrct2. Running the launcher is similar to running plain openrct2, but the launcher will update itself to the fullest/most current version of openrct2 automatically about once or twice a day (right after you've opened it), so you will often see it download a new version of
  13. Hi alflav. I had problems with c++ and assertion failures for a few days right after i reinstalled windows vista to my computer and couldn't run openrct2. The way i finally fixed this was: 1. I made sure I installed necessary windows updates including .net framework, service pack 2, and msxml which i think are needed to run openrct2. These programs may be included in newer operating systems such as windows 7, 8, and 10 and therefore do not need to be downloaded from microsoft.com. However this software is not included in older versions of windows such as "windows vista" and "windows xp
  14. is there a way for me to delete my account/profile? i used my real name and might want to change that.
  15. 3 versions ago i could, but with today's release of openrct2 i am having trouble either saving or loading custom coaster designs. The game is saying "can't construct this here" after i save a design and only the white "base squares" on the ground are showing, not the entire ride when i drag or move the ride.
  16. I just remembered, the guests do get stuck in original rct2 but only in rare cases. Though this in openrct2 now is worse.
  17. You could assign each player a "score" based on their successes and this grants them better privliges. I dunno?
  18. I find that i can't do anything or can only do very little in 95% of all servers, while the people with privliges are making a giant mess! Something should be done to allow and disallow users based on skill, or just make it free for everyone so the more experienced players can just scrap the junk. Of course this will only be effective if the actual game is functioning properly and not getting clusters of guests stuck in one place etc...
  19. i have never heard of renting a game server, could you explain?
  20. well you were quick to respond to my first message perhaps you've gone to sleep???? i sometimes suspect that you all are purposely sabotaging this game.
  21. Well this is making the current version practically unplayable, but i guess i can try to be patient. Why would such a critical feature be flawed?
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