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  1. Just change the ride type to "Powered launch (without passing station)". You'll need to check "Show all operating modes" in the cheats menu. You may also have to check "Unlock operating limits" in order to lower the launch speed low enough for it to not fly off the top.
  2. In case you feel like something to do this month and/or are missing the monthly competitions over here. Link If you have questions about the format or workbench please ask them in the Reddit thread so that I am more likely to see them, and others who may have the same question may see it more easily.
  3. Switch back to Stable until it's resolved.
  4. I posted about it already here and have provided some more details. Didn't experience it this morning but my game updated sometime during the day. Reverting to Stable for now.
  5. Yes, that is one of the first things you have to do, and I have done it before for in-house Filezilla and Minecraft servers. Canyouseeme.org was able to successfully ping the port and my friend was able to see it on the list, although he wasn't able to maintain the connection to it (I am starting to suspect he may have been having internet problems at the particular moment we tried this, which could be compounding the problems and make me suspect a problem with the network when in fact it's seemingly more likely a problem with the particular version of the server running on my PC, i.e. headles
  6. Minor update: A friend with a Windows 10 PC was able to connect successfully, but is getting disconnected every few seconds without any further info. Our public IP hasn't changed, and doesn't seem to be dynamic. My MacBook Pro, still also running the latest developer branch and also running network 0.2.1-2, cannot see the server on the list at all. Any attempt at a direct connection, either internally on the same WiFi (to the internal IP) or tethered to my phone and connecting to <our public IP>:11753 fails completely. I do not currently have access to any other machines to test with.
  7. Trying to get a small server running for some local friends (max ~5 players at any one time), sadly do not have any way to get my dedicated server PC attached to our router at the new place, so I cannot run it headless although I would eventually like to. In the meantime, I just want to get something working so I can share the steps with everyone, get them connected, and see if they like it. I have a dynamic DNS set up through no-ip to make things easier, although I have tried connecting with and without to similar results. NAT is enabled. I tracked down my public IP address, and am port
  8. The lack of LL is concerning to me too and I think is also related to the rise of OpenRCT2. I'm curious if any of the teams are using OpenRCT2 to build concurrently. I already mentioned this over at NE but this may be the most consistently incredible quality we have ever gotten out of an H2H season, at least since the early days, even before my time. Nothing obviously unfinished or even poor quality; just a ton of absolutely solid parks. A lot of the rounds have been incredibly close too. It makes me really happy. I can't believe Heaven's Gallery vs. The Replacements R4M1 is perfect
  9. Round 4 is well underway. https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35852/h2h8-round-4-match-1-heavens-gallery-vs-the-replacements/ https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/35848/h2h8-round-4-match-3-team-spacecrab-vs-strangelove/
  10. Switch back to the Release build. The latest Develop build is having a lot of problems.
  11. Four angles + stats, and download. Really not happy with a lot of the structures. Not being able to rely on ZC proved to be a pretty huge handicap, there's a lot of stuff that feels unfinished. The coaster is Osiris vs. Set, the two Egyptian brothers. Osiris is the god of farming and civilization, Set is the god of desert, storms, and evil. Osiris's color is blue, Set's is red. The tracks are fairly short so they don't interact much, but they do at least line up on the vertical drop, the loops in the plaza, and the peaks over the desert. Ling_CCC5.sv6
  12. Does that mean we can use zero clearance to make, for instance, a station for the coaster? Can we enable "Draw all track pieces" (i.e. enabling large inversions on a vertical drop coaster without merging) ?
  13. Not if you wanted an element that didn't exist on the original ride. But this is also kind of my point - you get into grey areas real fast when you try to dictate what tools people can and cannot use. It might help to specify the intent of the rules which would help interpret them, i.e. NCSO so that everyone is competing with the same ride and object set, specifying map size so the entries are not too different, disallowing other rides so that the coasters are the only things to compare. But I'm not sure what the intent of the trainer tools/"cheats" rules is so it's hard for me to interpret wh
  14. No zero clearance? If the intent is to rule out merging, I would forbid that explicitly but ZC is probably the single most useful (and widely used) tool in creative RCT.
  15. I have serious issues with this. What does this even mean? Is merging allowed? What about using tile inspector and being able to change ride settings to make transfer tracks and trains? Zero clearance? Raising/sinking large objects for effect? If all in-game tools are allowed, exactly what is going to cause an entry to be disqualified?
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