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  1. Best thing to do is start from the beginning. Teaching this is a little tricky since everybody's router login is a bit different. Here's the basics. Open up command prompt and type "ipconfig" and scroll down to locate your IPv4 address. This will be used. Also, the port you are forwarding to is 11753 (OpenRCT's port.) Open up your router settings and go to your port forwarding settings. (Assuming you know how to get there.) Mine has an External and Local IP settings. For the external IP address, leave it and for the start and end port there, put them both 11753. F
  2. Hello all, I need some help with my server. I'm sure you guys get many questions about this specific topic but I need some help. I use to host all the time on my old laptop, but recently I got a new desktop computer and I would like to host every once and a while on here. Basically, I went to my router settings and changed the local IPv4 address from my Laptop's to my Desktop's. It won't work for some reason. Nobody can see my server. I looked in CMD the IP's matched. The Port is correct. What is the issue?
  3. I tried to get Linux a long time ago, but I ditched the whole process. How do I compile the build? I don't know much about this type of stuff.
  4. Says it in the title, but before you say "Why don't you upgrade to a newer system already because this is outdated?" let me explain. I restore old computers as a hobby, and I find it really fun to see what these old gems are capable of in 2019. Well, I dug out the old family desktop from storage to see what files were on it back when my mom use to use it 15 years ago. I found a lot of old pictures on it and I even found out that I had RCT2 TTP installed on it from an original disc. I don't know why, but I love Windows XP more than any other version of windows, so I decided to have this as my d
  5. Well, since maps appear smaller in RCT, it might be hard to see the ground with the cliffs in the way.
  6. So, just for complete nostalgia, and the fact that no one has done it yet, I've decided to whip up something you Halo fans out there will enjoy. Introducing, Halo RCT2. So, first off, I started this special build by creating a custom Title Screen Sequence. I'll dive more into that in a moment. So, I'll start out of the Title Screen music. The game has two themes, RCT2's normal theme "css17.dat" and the original RCT1 theme "css50.dat". Now the RCT1 music can be achieved in two ways. First, in the options, you can select the original RCT1 installation directory, OR you could just cop
  7. Ah don't worry! There''s many other people that might know what's going on
  8. Yes, I am the administrator. Had the pc since it was new. No I dont have a virus, and I know this because I have openrct2 installed on a usb stick. Pathetic, I know. 28gb storage pc. Anyways, I have never had an issue like this until now. My G1.dat is fine. Same size as you stated. I have no idea was uac is lol but probably not. I don't have much else to state. I stuck the usb into another pc and tried replacing it but it kept coming back so its not a virus.
  9. Okay, found something interesting. A friend of mine copied his g2.dat and gave it to me, so I tried to replace it with his. But, failure. I got this error below. So I tried to delete the current g2.dat and THEN replace it, but then it keeps coming back. This same file with the same error. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! I've reinstalled Openrct2 5 times now and the original game 4 times. I've tried 3 different builds, one with network 2.20 which what was working before, and one from 2 hours ago and one from this morning.
  10. I've reinstalled Openrct2 3 times using different builds. Nothing is working
  11. Okay, so I have an interesting problem. I decided to update the game to the lastest network version this morning and when it tried to launch, it said "Could not load g2.dat" Weird. So I went to find the file and there it was. Unreadable. 0kb was the size of the file so I knew something was off. So I thought "maybe it's the build so I'll just reinstall the old build" so I did. No luck. So then I decided to reinstall the original game and replace the g2.dat with a fresh one. AGAIN, no luck. File was still corrupted even after being replaced. So I tried DELETING g2.dat then installing the ga
  12. Welcome! Advertising here because I could use some builders! Ingame, my name is Skylander Katfish, but you can call me SK. Anyways, my name is not important, but more the server is. The purpose of my server is to let anybody build. We do scenarios sometimes, and we do projects most of the time. There's critism during the project parts but I am not harsh, and I ask nicely if I can edit that to make it look better or if it can be deleted. I don't ban anyone for that silly reason. I don't like making players upset but that's a fact with most other realism servers. Now, Discord is comple
  13. Totally think there should be a ban button. Too many people are having to go out of their way just to ban certain trolls that don't give up. Take GTW, for example. If he wants to permanantly ban someone, he has to do a whole bunch of B.S. with external programs like Wireshark. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but he's told me how much of a pain in the ass it is. Just to ban someone forever.
  14. I am not sure what to call it, but let me tell a story. Saturday, I was hosting and I saw someone deleting a coaster. It showed that a player without perms was deleting it. Yet, nobody complained and the original builder was also having no issues. Well, tonight, I was playing and building a wooden coaster on RCTClub Pro when I get accused of deleting a water slide or path or whatever. I was 100% certain that I didn't touch anything, but I didn't stand back and call the mods liars either. So I decided to do some investigating. The admin pulled the logs and it even showed that I did delete
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