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  1. I can't get the hang of making them. I found a text maze generator and made some patterns and printed them out, but maze building still alludes me.
  2. The AI .... isn't. Same for them doing a lot of things. I've frequently seen things like that over the many, many years of play.
  3. Gday, I have many tracks I've made that have a ride time of more than 5 minutes, but beyond 5 you can't really analyse the track to fix any stats and rating issues. Does anybody know of a way to get the graph longer than 5 minutes please ? Also, is there a way to make the graph itself more visible, that is, better colour contrasts or something ? Thanks in advance.
  4. So, a raised path back from the ride to the park should work, I suspect.
  5. What sort of numbers would you think should be happening then please ? Currently on in-progress and full parks (due to the current limit) I'm averaging 60fps uncapped.
  6. Just asking, is this something that the new save format may address, or is it a fact of life because of the age of the games engine itself ? Sometimes it can take a few minutes for the stats to show, as if the game is doing so many things at once that it struggles.
  7. Poor guests, can't decide between how exciting the ride is and how intense it is.
  8. Gday, Just wondering if it's possible to place an entrance gate underground ? If so, the usual method doesn't seem to work.
  9. Yep, I get the same message, and I don't use custom scenery. It's frustrating, but I'd suspect it might go back to the original games (I don't know for sure though).
  10. Since it's "Roller Coaster" Tycoon ........ What do you put in your parks ???? Why, roller coasters of course. One of my better ones. I've also done a couple of variants with the station/s at ground level. Epic Monster.td6
  11. Ok, been giving this several different approaches. My conclusion based on trial and error, and experimentation is that if the path from map edge to park entrance is below ground then you can't have construction rights for above or below that path, as this will cause guests to turn around and go back the way they came because the path is "blocked" to them. If the path is at ground level, there's no problem. If this is a bug, could it be added to what is probably a long list (not a criticism). If it's just part of the core game, then so be it. Annoying, but not something I'm really c
  12. Thanks @jensj12 & @X7123M3-256 for your help and patience with me.
  13. I assumed you wanted us to look at that link. I have, but a lot of it didn't make any sense to me. I'll assume that it means the issue is now known, and can be investigated for a solution. Much of the language you guys use is a foreign language to me. I hope you can dumb it down for people like me.
  14. Nice suggestion, thanks anyway, I appreciate the attempt. It didn't make any difference at all for me.
  15. Litterily around 3 hours ago. Now there are text errors showing intermittently, but frequently. They sort of look like what I'd think the actual code looks like.
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