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  1. Yes, Windows 10 Pro. And it happens with any saved game I tried. And with this very latest version -- OpenRCT2, v0.3.4.1 (9112044 on develop) provided by GitHub It appears to be only the one save game. Which I've included here. 1383178053_DSNTidbinbilla.sv6
  2. Gday, almost literaly just updated on launch. Tried 4 times to open a save game, but completely freezes and can't even alt-tab out. Only way out is to Ctrl-Alt-Del and restart. Because of this I managed to get the version info before trying again. Hope this is the right info. OpenRCT2, v0.3.4.1 (de85a17 on develop) provided by GitHub
  3. I found that cheat made a dramatic change to water rides, and any others that are either slow, or really slow down uphill. Instead of 1kph, they do 8kph. You can't adjust THAT speed, but it's a vast improvement anyway.
  4. First time I've put in scenery and really bothered with a theme. Obviously it's a "work in progress". Unfortunately the setting doesn't look anything like the real place. <shrug>. 944766905_DSNTidbinbilla.sv6
  5. Yes, tried more than once as well. It appears as though it's only meant to be used while sandbox is active. However once you put down the "road" you can turn off sandbox mode and what you did stays, but roads are no longer available in the paths menu. Right now though the launcher doesn't appear to be working, so I'll wait for a while. I know you guys don't have anything to do with the launcher, so I usually don't mention it.
  6. That's a lot of demands, maybe try less "want" and more "I would like". A little politeness goes a long way. If you have read any of the others posts about similar things, you would realise that things are being worked on. But since nobody is being payed to do all of this, it takes time. Most people here are in similar situations, we would all love more options, but most of use are being patient that it will happen when it happens.
  7. I've done that also, to check that I wasn't giving the wrong info, but even after selecting it in the object selection, the "road" path still doesn't show in the path menu. I'm confused now (not an unusual state for me).
  8. Hmm, I'm honestly not sure on that. I'd have thought that if it's selected in the objects selection, then it's be available in-game. Maybe it's something that was done for that particular scenario by whoever created it originally. It's a VERY long time since I played any scenario, let alone that one. Maybe if you enable sandbox mode, select it, then disable sandbox it'll work then ? Somebody else may have a better idea.
  9. I just made a zip file of some of my max land area parks. None are actually finished yet, though I've reached the limits under the current save system. If interested they can be grabbed and played around with to your heart's content. Because all I do mostly is play around with track designs, I have things set to "No Money", so it's all FREE !!!! 495356578_MaxLandParks.zip
  10. I agree, next to no area used on a sizeable map. Heaps of room for expansion. And yes, that's not really a "Mega" park, but a good start for sure.
  11. I didn't understand what was said about it, but I see it's a "known issue". Thanks.
  12. For the past couple of weeks I've had this issue. Not a huge thing for me, but note worthy. I hadn't mentioned it before just in case it went away with an update. It hasn't. When you select an existing ride anywhere in a park, and switch to view the station, the view goes to one extreme corner of the map. I selected several coasters to highlight the issue. with their windows right near the ride itself.
  13. Yep, was just jumping on to say that. Still, an impressive amount of negative G. Thanks to all of you people for all the effort you have, do, and will put into something that's not getting you any cash.
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