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  1. I haven't tried it again since your post above, but last night (my time) I was having freezing issues, where I'd make a track, and while trying to place scenery, the game would freeze, and I couldn't alt-tab to any other windows including the error message. If it happens again I'll try to get a screen shot with the error box and include the version number.
  2. Hmm .... About the "self powered", I don't think so, since these rides go along a channel of flowing water, hence their slower speeds. I'm not yet confident enough in my understanding of how to change ride/track types to try that. But it's something I hadn't thought of. I do realise that any speed changes will effect the reliability and frequency of breakdowns for the ride. I appreciate the suggestion though.
  3. Double the speed of Splash Boats, River Rapids, Log Flume, and River Rafts. Particularly the lift conveyor, as ONE kph is ridiculous to me. Using the cheat that allows faster lift chains has no effect on these rides. For consideration.
  4. A couple of screen shot of rides I've made. Posted for your thoughts. :) The Go-Kart track took me awhile to do, using the tile inspector to make the track invisible, I think it turned out well. :) The Giga Coaster takes 4+ minutes to get to the top, that's at the standard 10 or 12 kph lift chain speed (I forgot which it is).
  5. So ..... Twisting coaster max height of both land and track. Best speed I can get is 252kph, it enters the station at just on 200kph. Intensity of 36+. My best so far. For your consideration.
  6. ExCrafty

    Graph length

    If nothing else (for me), I'd love the graph and "train 1 of xxxx hasn't returned to station" to go longer than 4 mins 30 secs. I like making tracks that can be 3+ kms long and take 5+ minutes to complete a circuit. But it's harder to fault find them if nothing appears wrong by the end of time for the graph. It then becomes more or less guess work.
  7. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I've investigated further, and it appears that this only happens with pre-built coasters designs that go over 75m tall, while placing them on my max height terrain. I have several designs that go to maximum height ie- giga coasters up to 120+ metres. When built in this landscape they're fine, but when placing a pre-built track, the message occurs. Thanks for patience. The park, and two examples. They work any level except up on the top level. 1724110124_TransportTimeTrials.sv6 Sand Viper.td6 The Spiral Slightly Lower Height.td6
  8. LOL .... I wouldn't mind not having those annoying peeps that get in a queue, get to the entrance, and change their mind. If you don't want to ride the ride, don't queue for it.
  9. Trying to place a pre-made coaster that has worked in a couple of other parks of mine. I keep getting the same message, clearly the land IS owned by the park. Suggestions, fixes, whatever please. And yes, I have tried placing it in several other parts of the park without an issue.
  10. Can anybody get a faster ride than this one ? The reverse freefall on a max sized map. The best I can manage is 223kph. :)
  11. As of last night (my local time) this appears to have been fixed with the latest update. Whoever or however it got fixed, I thank any and all involved.
  12. A map with next to nothing on it yet. Tried to put in several different pre-made coasters, and I either get a crash or that message. I have the latest development version installed by the launcher. Please advise. More information - the issue occurs when I change the initial orientation of the saved track.
  13. Yes, but that only goes for 4 minutes then stops, at the same time as you get the "vehicle 1 hasn't returned to the station." message.
  14. Even after 2 patches this is still a thing. I've tried deleting the ride,save game, exit, and reload. No change. I build the ride, place entrances and exits, then go to put in pathing and one or both entrances disappear. While not an earth shattering issue, it's very frustrating for me. My current version is -- OpenRCT2 Git Hash: 0123a3d According to the launcher.
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