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  1. I'm able to open the older ones, just not the current one. it doesn't show any error message it just acts as if I didn't click on my park. thanks in advance for any clues
  2. ok. but not sure how. when I make an object in the object editor I just drag the file into my obj data list, then when I see it listed under small scenery I checkmark it and it always ends up in miscellaneous somehow
  3. so I can only put roughly 60-70 self made pieces in my park at one time? is there anyway around this?
  4. I made pieces that don't exist in the game originally in the object editor, then added them to the game. they're listed in my object data and show up in my object selection menu, I check mark them to be added to my park but don't see them. I've already added around 60-70 pieces and this is the first time I can't find it
  5. when I go to find it in my miscellaneous section it's not there. I have quite a few custom pieces, not sure if that's the problem. any help is appreciated as always
  6. just to add, it's a small scenery object and the editor will let me put in 3 out of the 4 angles
  7. anyone know roughly how many custom pieces I can make and add to my game? don't want to start to get crazy with it then half way through realize I cant make anymore. ty for any help
  8. I made an animated waterfall using 34 frames in the object editor and it starts out looking good but after a couple seconds the top half freezes while the bottom continues to be animated. any help fixing this is appreciated
  9. ok found it, put it back, moved it..black box still says I'm missing it. obj data file says I'm not
  10. I did the search function and it came up w/ 4 versions of this
  11. bronxier told me to try deleting plugin.dat so I will need to find that again
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