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  1. My OS is Windows 10. What do you mean with the commit hash, is that something I need to look up somewhere?
  2. The game version is v.0.2.6. I don't have a github account, so it would be great if you could create the issue there.
  3. UPDATE: I got the same problem now in another game (attached to this post), and in this case it is the Ferris Wheel that somehow has an extra phantom station (obviously, Ferris Wheels aren't supposed to have stations). This is getting really weird. This Ferris Wheel was already present at the start of the scenario, so I didn't build it this time. Haunted HarbourPhantomStation.sv6
  4. Unfortunately, I haven't got any older saves of this game, not in autosave either. I just got around the problem by placing a second exit at what the game saw as the station in front, so at least the guests would detect the exit and leave the coaster, and then continued playing this scenario. What I do remember though is that the mechanic I had assigned to this coaster sometimes weirdly would end up walking in the void at the edge of the map, the same bug I found reported in this thread: I don't know if that helps, but it's the only other strange thing I remember happening involving
  5. But that's the problem, I tried that and it didn't work. I reduced the station to just 7 tiles (I rebuilt it entirely, just to be clear) just to test it and the game still treated it as two stations. About the station length, I think this was an addition made possible by OpenRCT2, to make longer stations than in the base game.
  6. I just started playing OpenRCT a month ago. On this Razor Rocks scenario, I noticed that a lot of guests were complaining they wanted to get off the Steel Twister. I then found that, for some reason, the trains did not release the guests when arriving at the station, but just started a new lap again with the same guests, over and over again (so obviously, the queuing guests were complaining about queuing time). Then I noticed that, for some reason, the game thinks there are two stations on this rollercoaster while there is obviously only one, and this may be the cause it doesn't detect it
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