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  1. I know. The park from the video is Brian's (the one who made the tutorial). The park I uploaded is mine if anyone is interested to take a look and see if they can see what's wrong with the coaster... Thank you!
  2. Hi, everyone! I decided to use Brian's reversing lifthill coaster hack to build my own block-based mine train. The video below shows Brian's tutorial: I tried to make my own version of this hack. (Available to download on this post)The thing is after following all steps, even though the trains make it back to the station and the coaster "thinks" it's a close-circuit coaster, only stats like speed, Gs and such are shown. However, as for Excitement, Intensity and Nausea ratings, they are forever under the "Not yet available" status. I have tried to find an answer Google-ing this but I can't put my finger around what's wrong with the coaster. This glitch has caused other coasters that I build/retest to be forever under "Not yet available" status as well, and thus peeps not riding them. So, what do you guys think I should do? I have uploaded my park if anyone wants to have a look at the coaster, it's called "Wonder Mountain". SFBelgium_2021.sv6
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