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  1. Hi guys! I have a problem in generating stats/ test results of a roller coaster. It simply cannot complete the stats. I have gone through a number of old threads about the same problem but still could not solve it on my own. It would be great if you can help me and take a look on my ride - Botanic Mine Train Coaster which I did not build with any cheats. Botany Breakers.sv6 Thanks a lot!:)
  2. Currently if I put outdoor flat rides underground, it doesn't make it an indoor ride. Is it a nice idea to make this possible? 😁
  3. Just realize now if you turn the number of laps to 0 with cheats(Show all operating modes) , then the winner of Go-karts would NOT have 1 additional lap to run!
  4. Hi all! Do you know if it is possible to edit "highscores.dat" (the log file that shows the tick of the scenario list that you finished the scenario.) Since I have entered some wrong names/ didn't enter one.........the lines in the list appears as "The scenario is finished by ???" So I wonder is there a way that I can I edit it? Thank you!
  5. Hi guys do you if the following shops are actually selling food or drinks? Meatball Soup Stall Sujeonggwa Stall Witches Brew Soup Wonton Soup Stall In real life, they are kind of food and drinks at the same time.
  6. Hi all! Do you know where is the log file location of winning scenarios? (I'm sure if it's the right name to call it, but it's the log file that shows the tick of the scenario list that you finished the scenario.)
  7. Hi all, I got a problem in "Stimulate Ride" function. It's not working sometimes when I'm testing the roller coaster which circuit is not complete yet (which is supposed to work well even the ride isn't complete). There will be a pop-out warning saying "the circuit is not complete". Is there anyone having the same issue? Thank you!
  8. Hi guys I have 2 questions/suggestions about Go-karts. 1. The winner of Go-karts always have 1 additional lap to run. If the track is long, it would take a lot more time before the next ride can start and greatly affect the throughput. Is there a possibility that this mechanic is changed? 2. Even with the cheat, the maximum number of cars in Go-karts is always 31 no matter how long the station is. Is it also possible to modify this?
  9. Dear all, I found out that several paths in original RCT1 added attractions pack - the red and green tiles (well not grey tiles) - are missing in OpenRCT2. How can I retrieve these files and put them back into the game? Thank you!
  10. ya I also think the objective in this scenario is having 600 guest. And it's weird as you already have 3 roller coasters, 2 gentle rides and 4 stalls. They should bring you more guests than 388. You can check out guides from youtubers like MarcelVos or Deurklink about the number of guest that each ride brings.
  11. I just started playing the scenario Iceberg Islands in original RCT1 with OpenRCT2. I encounter 2 bugs with the chairlift: 1. I couldn't change the number of cars in the Chairlift and make it more. If I change it, it would always make it 1 car only. 2. From time to time, the first journey will count 4 times longer as the original travelling time, resulting in a huge penalty of excitement rating (that too much underground time for transport ride) and reduced to around 0.6.
  12. Sorry......I should have clarified that the problem I mentioned only happens in RCT1 with OpenRCT2. I think the possible reason for the appearance of Spinning Wild Mouse in RCT1 is due to the removal of Spinning Cars type of Junior Roller Coasters in OpenRCT2 and that there are some mistakes there mixing up the 2 rides. But for the Inverted Roller Coaster, I'm still not sure. They should be 2 different ride/track types. Perhaps it's also a similar case to the Spinning Cars. Should this be fixed?
  13. I tried it. It does not make it an indoor ride for me. How about yours? And if not, would it be a good idea to update that in the future?
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