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  1. Dear all, I found out that several paths in original RCT1 added attractions pack - the red and green tiles (well not grey tiles) - are missing in OpenRCT2. How can I retrieve these files and put them back into the game? Thank you!
  2. ya I also think the objective in this scenario is having 600 guest. And it's weird as you already have 3 roller coasters, 2 gentle rides and 4 stalls. They should bring you more guests than 388. You can check out guides from youtubers like MarcelVos or Deurklink about the number of guest that each ride brings.
  3. I just started playing the scenario Iceberg Islands in original RCT1 with OpenRCT2. I encounter 2 bugs with the chairlift: 1. I couldn't change the number of cars in the Chairlift and make it more. If I change it, it would always make it 1 car only. 2. From time to time, the first journey will count 4 times longer as the original travelling time, resulting in a huge penalty of excitement rating (that too much underground time for transport ride) and reduced to around 0.6.
  4. Sorry......I should have clarified that the problem I mentioned only happens in RCT1 with OpenRCT2. I think the possible reason for the appearance of Spinning Wild Mouse in RCT1 is due to the removal of Spinning Cars type of Junior Roller Coasters in OpenRCT2 and that there are some mistakes there mixing up the 2 rides. But for the Inverted Roller Coaster, I'm still not sure. They should be 2 different ride/track types. Perhaps it's also a similar case to the Spinning Cars. Should this be fixed?
  5. I tried it. It does not make it an indoor ride for me. How about yours? And if not, would it be a good idea to update that in the future?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm currently going through all the RCT1 scenarios with OpenRCT2. I find out that the Inverted Roller Coaster is always replaced by the Compacted Inverted Roller Coaster in the build menu by default. And Inverted Roller Coaster is not even an option there. Do you know the reason? Secondly, Spinning Wild Mouse is always an option in the menu in all the RCT 1 scenarios by default?
  7. Hi RCT lovers, do u know if I put outdoor flat rides underground, does it make it an indoor ride?
  8. thx....indeed in RCT2 the lift goes well.......so it seems it's the problem in RCT1 with OpenRCT2
  9. Hi RCT lovers, In those scenarios with the objective "Build 10 different roller coasters", does "10 different" refer to 10 different genres of roller coasters only and NOT including the different car/vehicle types? For instance, if Floorless coaster considered the same type as the Twister Roller Coaster? Thanks and happy new year!
  10. Hi RCT lovers, I have a bug related to lift/elevators. I selected lift from "object selection" and used it in RCT1 scenarios. But soon I realized only visitors at the bottom level station can always enter the ride and visitors queuing at the top level station are always stuck in the queue. Even after the lift car arrives at the top level station, it is the visitors from the bottom level station queue to enter the car. Anyone has experienced this problem also? Thank you and happy new year!
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