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  1. Yep. It starts at the top of an elevator and so it ends with a chain lift up to the top.
  2. Here's a looping coaster called Voice Box. It has fairly good stats, with a 5.40 excitement and a 5.36 intensity. Voice Box.td6
  3. This park closed down at the end of one of its' seasons due to lack of budget and never came back online. Reasons included coasters being too intense, although it had the popular Twisted Colossus which it received once Six Flags Magic Mountain closed down, a mess of a layout, and no real gentle rides. Your job: revive this park that has fallen from grace. Six Flags Salt Lake-Scenario.sv6
  4. I built this airtime machine of a wood coaster in a new park, and I want to show it off. EDIT: I converted Wicked Twisties into an even more extreme hybrid coaster, Twistie's Revenge. Wicked Twisties.td6 Twistie's Revenge.td6
  5. I can confidently say that I have resolved this issue. I had to use a ZIP file and back some stuff up to a OneDrive, but OpenRCT2 is up and running!
  6. That's an awesome looking ride. I usually suck at custom coaster building, so this'll be really helpful. My rides can get up to an intensity of 17-ish. In other news, I found the most recent version of the park. This is the one with a bunch of coasters that only work when you use cheats (no operating limits, clearance checks, support limits, and ignoring intensity) Six Flags Over Utah.SV6
  7. Impressive. The boat ride was a great idea. See, I have a much more recent version but I must have gotten the wrong one. That one looks much nicer. My other one is a train wreck!
  8. I'll get on that as soon as I have access again. My computer that I normally play on got Windows 11 last night and has some issues with it, so I need to get that fixed before I can play again. I don't really have themed areas, but some of the coasters are nice.
  9. So... this park is a bit of a mess. Mostly roller coasters, but some are hard to access. I would recommend playing with staff speed fast and DEFINITELY with guests ignore ride intensities. Almost all of the custom coasters are very intense, but hope you enjoy! Six Flags Over Utah.SV6
  10. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a cheat to unlock every ride type in a given scenario (Build Your Own Six Flags). This way you could build any type of roller coaster. Thanks!
  11. 1. Windows 10 2. I believe it is 64-bit 3. https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases/tag/v0.0.7
  12. Hello, my computer is telling me I cannot run OpenRCT2 on a Dell Latitude 3190. I have the game files of the original. Is there a build that would work?
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