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  1. Well....I keep saying it, and I won't say it again. Buuut...the good news is, I'm back and making custom content for everyone to enjoy!! My "portfolio" consists of many scenarios and ever growing at that, but now I do track designs as well! Everything is on RCTgo, but instead of posting nearly 250 links, I'll post links by specifically my pages of downloads on RCTgo for your ease! At the moment, the download counter in this thread is 244 over 4 and 3/4th years It's considerably growing! Earliest to latest creations: Page 1: https://rctgo.com/downloa
  2. These look nice and insightful! I'm not really sure why I've not checked them out yet. đŸ˜ļ
  3. While that sounds cool, it may not happen. I wonder if it is possible to have selections on what you want to call your game....like, if there were pre-selections you could make. It is OpenRCT2 by default. Or, if you wanted OpenJTP2, you could have that. It's a cool idea.
  4. I'd not worry to much about this - the helpful developers have more knowledge than I do, but I've had this before, and I simply went and downloaded the game anyways. Not too sure why cleaners and security apps freak out with OpenRCT2. It's not like we're a band of hackers or anything. đŸ‘ē
  5. I don't even have to but see the template for me to know that this is some stellar work. Great job!!!!
  6. I guess an alternate option is to download updates by hand for a bit until the issue is resolved. Hopefully, everything will start working for you again! ☚ī¸
  7. Thanks, CrazeDesk! I know, it is slightly off-putting, but eventually, (at around 50-75 of these), they'll all be re-released in one full and entire pack. Speaking of which.....Time for an update! This time, 10 more scenarios have been added to this pack. This time, I promise to stay active! Sigh. 😂 Scenario C31 - Glacier Quarry Objective: 1,000 guests by the end of year 3 with a park rating above 600. Background: I wanted to try out a Millenium Mines feel, but with snow! Caption: In an abandoned and snow covered mine, a new theme park is beginning to surface
  8. Park size goes up to 256x256, by the way. 👍 I was one off the ride limit, though.
  9. I can see why. Once they get off, they have to go vomit up their insides! ...and then ride again.
  10. Isn't the max limit on rides/attractions 256? 256 includes that of shops, stalls, coasters, gentle and intense..well every ride and food shop in the game. It will be awesome to be able to have 500x500 parks, and 1,000 rides and attractions at some point!
  11. Here's five more! 😁 Scenario C26 - Michael's World Objective: 215k park value by the end of year 3. Background: Basically a spiritual child of Ivory Towers and Mel's World, here's Michael's World! Caption: Sitting atop a high hill sits a growing theme park needing your help to attract an influx more of guests. Link: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/c26-michaels-world.18467 Scenario C27 - Leapfrog Landing Objective: 1,400 guests by the end of year 3. background: Based off sort of a Gentle Glen feel, but now not really, this is more or less a unique scenar
  12. Thank you Saxman! I am back, and I bring FIVE new scenarios are now added to this pack! Same dealio with the way this thread is organised! Nice and neatly listed details about the scenarios, and a link and screenshots, too! Like all of my scenarios, they're made by me. No one but myself has touched these scenarios, and made solely by my hands. They're for free use for everyone! That means you can do a video series on these scenarios on YouTube, or showcase them in a server, or let those server participants annihilate the map. I see it this way: As long as they're not being "st
  13. Time for an update! Here's seven more! As a fair note, I take a lot of inspiration from various works (usually which I credit about), but all the scenarios you see here are made by your's truly and I take good pride in them. You can use them for whatever you like, but as long as they're not redistributed as your's, I'll be fine. Also! The "C" stands for "Classic" as this is a RCT1/Classic styled scenario pack. Any comments, questions, advice, ideas or what not, go ahead and let me know! Scenario C14 - Petite Park Objective: Repay loan and achieve park value of 80,000 B
  14. Hey there, lads! It's been quite a long time since I have been on this site and have actively engaged in it. You'd know me for my vast collection of scenarios (112, at this current time). As of late, I've started what I am calling a "super pack" of RCT1 styled scenarios. 25? No. 50? Nope. How many, you ask? Maybe a bit of a lofty goal, but anywhere from 125-150 or possibly even more. I guess after which, I'd truly become the scenario master (creator with the most), but it is not my goal to be the best. All I do this for is so that those who are looking for more that RCT2 simply did not allocat
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