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  1. 40 FPS is indeed the framerate of the original game. You would honestly need to ask Chris Sawyer why he chose the time scale and speed that he did.
  2. I have a theory about the faster diminishing of the crash penalty on No-Money Parks. Specifically, I think the reason that was done was because if your park rating stays too low on a no-money park for too long, the park closes and you lose the scenario. This was probably done to balance that out - so that a deadly crash doesn't necessarily spell disaster for your park - Just a period of time where you have to be careful to manage your rating so it doesn't cost you the scenario. In a park where you have money, that isn't a factor, so having the penalty last long results in a financial penalty - Less or No new customers means you're going to have a financial slump. The result of course being that in either type of scenario, a crash is serious, but not enough to necessarily shut down your park, unless it was being mis-managed to start with.
  3. Not quite - CSS17 is kept on the CD/In the Install Directory. So you kinda do...
  4. Locking by request of the OP, pm if you need unlocked for some reason.
  5. If I may suggest - Regardless of how many frames per second that the game is rendering, the game itself is still only running 40 ticks per second, no more. My honest advice would be to not unlimit the FPS, since that simply increases your CPU/GPU load with no actual benefits. Ideally, for your configured setup, you want the game running at 40 FPS - One Frame per Tick, as the game originally ran. The only reason we have more FPS now, is because we are tweening the animations from one tick to the next. (Think Tween from Adobe Flash - we're filling in the gaps.) Minimizing the game also helps, since the game basically stops rendering, while not running in headless mode.
  6. Just a note, if you have RCT1 Installed, you can tell OpenRCT2 where it is, and it will import the scenarios directly from the first game.
  7. Krutonium

    Group Park 5

    I went to use this screenshot for the Readme on GitHub, when someone pointed out an error. See top of Lift Hill.
  8. I have a Contact at Avast!, I'll see if I can pull some strings.
  9. We're looking into this right now. Please sit tight. Edit: It appears some code was misplaced, Fix incoming.
  10. (All you had to do was install and use innoextract.)
  11. Hey Guys, if you don't cool it, I will lock this thread. @Wuis OpenRCT2 has Co-Op gameplay.
  12. Neither the developers nor the runners of this website have the ability to do anything about this.
  13. I forget what it is called, but it basically changed some stuff like adding new terrain and stuff.
  14. iirc SV7 was taken by a different RCT2 mod. Perhaps .OpenSV6?
  15. If someone does manage to trigger an Error Trapper, that would be interesting to say the least
  16. I'm going to lock this Topic. There is no Virus in the Download provided by this Website, and OP has clearly disappeared, never to be seen again. If anyone has any issue with this, please PM me.
  17. I was replying to the first bit, should have been more clear I suppose.
  18. Not quite, you still can't have more than 128 rides in a park.
  19. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KSxNZMQWA2A_h5nm1SXclZIWv0IVjSc-sBZTZ7c1sDo/viewform The survey was created by IntelOrca and the results will be posted to /r/openrct2 and /r/rct on 17th of July. It is going to allow us to better target OpenRCT2 at our audience - What kind of things can we do safely, without making the game unplayable for everyone, and so on. It will also help us make things priorities, that we may not have otherwise. In any case, thank you for doing the survey!
  20. Hello, we are almost ready to release the next stable version of OpenRCT2: v0.0.4. But first we are releasing a "release candidate". If after a few days there are no major issues reported then this release candidate will become the next stable. If you would like to support the project, please download the release candidate, play it and report any bugs here or on GitHub. Thanks again to all contributors, testers and players of OpenRCT2. Download: https://openrct2.org/downloads/pre-release/2df5874 GitHub: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2
  21. This is being discussed on GitHub and it may be possible soon to Shift-Bury a prebuilt.
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